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Managerial Functions of Abu Dhabi Media Company - Essay Example

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Running head: Managerial Functions Of Abu Dhabi Media Company Managerial Functions of Abu Dhabi Media Company Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert 14 May 2012 Managerial Functions of Abu Dhabi Media Company The managerial functions of Abu Dhabi Media Company describe the roles of the company’s managers distinctively in coordinating and supervising organizations operations…
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Managerial Functions of Abu Dhabi Media Company
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Download file to see previous pages These roles define the overall roles of the company’s executives in promoting the objectives of the organization through the established processes and business operations. As a result, the company is diversified with regard to service provision though its core business is media and entertainment. The functions of management of the company reflect its diversified nature in the sense that the managers of the firm play a wide range of duties in overseeing the vast operations of the company. For Abu Dhabi Media Corporation, the managerial roles of its executives describe the course of management that incorporates several business functions like marketing, finance and accounting. Therefore, roles provide constructive methods of categorizing data regarding management along with the most primary managerial processes of the corporation since its incorporation in June 2007. Every business organization has goals and objectives that govern its existence and operation in the business sphere. Accordingly, each organization endeavors to achieve some purposes that are predetermined and practiced through the entire course of its existence. In order for a company to succeed in its endeavors, its needs people as employees through which the company performs its processes. However, since people need direction the aspect of leadership and management is of core importance. Managers of an organization represent the people who administer the achievement of the organization’s objectives. Managerial functions provide a template upon which the managers of the respective company base their decisions, actions and operations. The managerial roles of Abu Dhabi Media Corporation define the frontiers of operation and operations that govern the roles of the company’s management. Abu Dhabi Media is a media corporation based in Abu Dhabi and owns a number of media houses in the UAE including TV stations, newspapers, Printing Pres and radio channels like Abu Dhabi Television, Holy Quran Radio, Al Ittihad newspaper and Image Nation (Books LLC, 2010). The organization was incorporated in 2007 as a corporation fully owned by the government. The legislation was enacted to lead to the growth of a multifaceted media firm in the Emirates. Among the objectives of forming the organization was to establish a cultural hub in the Middle East, as well as concentrate attention on Abu Dhabi as the commanding zone of the Emirates. Therefore, the crown prince of the Emirates founded five-member board of directors which comprised of chairman, deputy and three other members. The board was the supreme decision making organ of the comprehensive corporation that is responsible for the expansion of the vision and objectives of the organization and provide leadership. The corporation’s first assignment was the formation of the initial newspaper in English in Abu Dhabi, in mid 2007. As the company expanded, it established a number of TV stations along with radio channels that are under different management. Each subsidiary of the holding company is managed by an executive director under whom there are several managers who execute the decisions and vision of the company through their roles. Currently, the following functions of manager are incorporated in the normal functioning of the media company; staffing, organizing, leading, controlling, planning and directing. The roles, which ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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