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Analyzing Enterprise Operations - Essay Example

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ANALYZING ENTERPRISE OPERATIONS BY Enterprise operations and their analysis on integration are one of the main constituent for a seamless operation in an organization. It encompasses service industry, manufacturing industry under small scale, medium scale and large scale enterprises…
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Analyzing Enterprise Operations
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Download file to see previous pages The complementary nature of the inter departments makes the analysis and integration amongst them, an essential study. Enterprise integration is an improvement concept, as are total quality and error-free performance and these concepts have proven to be very difficult to implement successfully because the desired degree of improvement is difficult to achieve (Nell, n.d.). As in case of all improvement strategies whether in small scale or a small scale, the change must be gradual. Expectations have to be satisfied in the long term basis as the human factor is the most significant aspect of the analysis and integration. On the other hand, some businesses have invested to overcome integration barriers, and have achieved their integration, cost, and quality goals and there was enormous improvement (Nell, n.d.). The result was an optimal process where the products were produced with the desired result of timely manufacturing, and cost reduction so immensely that eliminated the need to justify the old system. The organization – Automobile industry, in present times, is one of the most competitive industry which has escalated owing to the purchasing power of the urban mass. Today’s customer, when purchasing a car, is not only attracted by the money factor but is also swayed by performance, design , brand name and other factors, making the industry , immensely competitive. BMW is German automaker primarily involved in manufacturing cars for the luxury class. It manufacturers BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. Sales and Marketing, Finance, Operations, Quality, Human Resource, Research and Development are some of the main departments that comprise the organization setup. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system has been installed for a smooth and effective flow of cross functional information. Sales and Marketing is one of the major contributors to the financial growth and profitability for the company. Under the Sales and Marketing department there are sub departments which are responsible to for specific jobs. For any sales person, the best way to learn about the business in to witness the direct sale of a car in the showroom. The showroom is furnished with the model cars and is connected to the central portal for the ERP. The location of the showroom is discussed in the department as the customers are limited to the upper strata of the society. The department is responsible to liaise with the operations and the management for the allotment and early delivery of the vehicle. The process – For high end car manufacturers like BMW, front end customer interaction is important. The rationale behind choosing the below process is to assess the journey of the line of interaction to the line of visibility that a customer embarks after he enters a BMW showroom. This is place where the initial relationship is established. One of the core process in the Sales and marketing department is the proper information flow of the booking orders that are being assigned in the showroom. These orders comprise customized options by the customer (a new feature launched by the company where the customer can choose the interiors, accessories etc.) This is an important introductory concept as it gives the premium customers a flexibility to personalize the car. The specifications are entered in the system that is connected to t ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analyzing Enterprise Operations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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