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Robert Kuttner's Everything For Sale and Daniel Bell's The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Robert Kuttner’s “Everything For Sale” and Daniel Bell’s “The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism” One of the most popular and influential books on market economy would be “Everything For Sale” by Robert Kuttner. In his book, he directly explicates that any market economy needs a certain process or system to make all the activities to run smoothly…
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Robert Kuttners Everything For Sale and Daniel Bells The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism
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"Robert Kuttner's Everything For Sale and Daniel Bell's The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism"

Download file to see previous pages This is because there are so many forms of human interests and circumstances that affect our market systems which could not be boxed into a certain market model of man (Kuttner., R., n.d.). On the other hand, Daniel Bell’s “The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism” is one of the most succinct analysis of the Western liberal capitalist society and its effects on people’s culture. In his book, he makes it clear that Capitalism, though is in itself a good economic system that would drive more production and at the same time creates more equal opportunities for an average to high financial conditions for everyone, is in itself the cause of its downfall. This is because of some reasons Daniel Bell identified such as driving people for more personal gratification after reaching success wrought by Capitalist activities. Capitalism that would entitle everyone a government that does not have any control over markets and property rights is a good condition for business success. However, according to him, as people get more success, it causes a downward slope on the work ethic of people (Virant, P., & Leahy, w. K. n.d.). Looking at both of the principles above, I would say that both concludes Capitalism as not the single market system that would save our economy today. However, there are certain differences in their stand point towards Capitalism in general. Robert Kuttner’s “Everything For Sale” tells readers that Capitalism that promises technology, ingenuity, and freedom from the hands of government makes us believe that it will revive economic growth through efficiency and financial progress. However, though Capitalism allowed society to reach success, market society is not all that perfect. This is because of the fact that not all people in society are capable of individual ownership of businesses, some businesses do not really benefit from efficiency of production or perhaps speedy product turn overs and a lot more. Thus, Capitalism causes broad economic unease because as society becomes more exposed to different forms of market societies and not having any influence from the government in tempering the market’s distributive extremes, it causes stagnation of living standards for most people. The main point of this book would be pointing the failure of Capitalism in our changing market economies. What is good about this mindset would be the fact that there would be a balance between market, state, and civil society as this principles seeks to give a customized provisions for different market needs. However, one negative effect of this would be the unavoidable market rationalizations to fit a certain interest. On the other hand, Daniel Bell’s “The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism”, holds that Capitalism is no hero in our market society because although it is innately good, the result becomes negative because of how the people react and their attitude to the effects of Capitalism. People are good at adapting to their environment and certain circumstances. And as Capitalism creates more opportunities to grow financially that makes one’s lifestyle easier and everything at reach, people’s lifestyle and attitude towards work changes. Instead of putting primary significance in hard work and continuous efforts to thrive in a business, they slowly depend on the effects of Ca ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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