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Organizations and Management - Research Paper Example

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Organizations and Management Name of Course Name of Instructor Name of Student Date Organizations and Management 1. Identify and explain the four basic management functions in organizations: The function(s) of management in organizations is not simply stated because management’s role is complex and a vital factor within an organization that affects performance, sustainability, and longevity…
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Organizations and Management
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Download file to see previous pages In addition to the basic four functions of management, managers strategize and control the activities within the organization. Each category of skills enables management in an organization to perform its primary function of ensuring internal activities are in alignment with the groups’ goals. The organizational goals targeted by the shareholders for the organization are the objectives management must design the work flow to accomplish. Management has the responsibility of ensuring the organizational goals are met and the directives of the executive leaders are executed. Management uses the organizational goals to design the work flow and identifies the skill sets needed to perform the tasks to accomplish the goals. Decision-making involves developing strategies that will achieve the group’s goals. Management has the responsibility of overseeing the internal systems and ensuring the processes within the various work units are in alignment with the organizational objectives. Planning coordinates the functions within the various departments and distributes resources effectively to produce the goods and services of the organization. As a function management organizes and coordinates the organization’s material, equipment, employees, schedules, and uses authority to ensure the activities within the internal environment are in alignment with the organizational goals. In the process of planning and organizing management recruits employees. Staffing or human resource management includes selection of workers, developing ongoing training programs, establishing, and maintaining an internal culture of cohesion in which the efforts and activity within the organization accomplish the group’s goals. Managers have the task of overseeing and controlling an operation’s processes to fulfill the organization’s strategic plans and goals. Whereas, leaders formulate or chart the direction in which an organization travels to reach specific goals, managers work to ensure the goals materialize using the resources available. Distinctly different, yet overlapping and dependent on the other, managers and leaders each have the responsibility of directing, guiding people, and implementing plans in efforts to accomplish strategic targets. 2. Explain the importance of history and theory to management, and highlight the pioneers of management theory: The study of the science of management is relatively young, however management has existed from ancient times The societal transition from that of an agrarian society to an industrialized one helped to create the need for knowledge of how to manage people in factory settings. Management theory evolved as a result of workers moving from farm communities into cities and working in offices and manufacturing plants. The ability to effectively coordinate workers’ efforts and efficiently use machinery was essential in keeping up with social change, progress, and consumers’ demands for products and services. The gradual development of systems of work has been one of the most significant factors that have prompted the need to understand the internal relationships within the organizational culture. The First Industrial Revolution (1712-1830) gave birth to the inventions of the steam engine, spinning jenny, and improvements to the machinery in general. Because of the steamboat and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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