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How To Resolve The Conflict Through The Executive's Intervention - Essay Example

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This paper covers an instance of the hostile environment among Group Managers and Division Controllers with their superior. The paper will examine the perspective views on how to address the incident of hostility and how to resolve the conflict through the intervention of higher executives…
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How To Resolve The Conflict Through The Executives Intervention
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Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that hostile environment in a workplace is inevitable and it naturally happens in any business enterprise all over the world. Employees should not veer away from these dilemmas but instead, they should be able to determine the origin of the conflicts, identify the effects, and pinpoint the typology. Learning how to manage the interaction accordingly will be critical for the improvement of the working environment inside the enterprise. According to Bergman and Moore, a deposition can normally consist of a lawyer or a self-representing individual that asks the deponent with questions. It may seem informal in its sense since it is conducted within the premises of the enterprise, such as conference rooms with the absence of a judge. However, the deposition should be considered with an equal amount of importance as a testimony in court since it shares several characteristics with it. It is through the nature of a deposition that lawyers, as well as individuals that prepare the letter, give utmost care on how they write as it could result to a major impact when taken to court. Conversely, the deponent must also be extra careful in attaining accurate deposition testimony as it may have great repercussion on the ruling of the case. Enterprise policies should ensure that complaints of illegal or unethical conducts are investigated and addressed as quickly and as effectively as possible. In addition, “whistleblowers” should also be given protection against reprisals for the complaints that they make that are in good faith. The enterprise should also support and follow reporting conditions which are mandatory and in accordance with government institutions. Policies such as The Code of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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