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Customer Inserts Grade Course - Essay Example

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Advanced Critical Writing Customer Inserts His/Her Name Customer Inserts Grade Course Customer Inserts 14 April 2012 Advanced Critical Writing Cars are manufacture to fill a need. The research focuses on the relationship between car prices and the demand for the cars…
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Customer Inserts Grade Course
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Download file to see previous pages For example, the article states that the demand for there is an increase in the demand for BMW cars within the European Union car market segment. In addition, the demand for tried and tested Mercedes –Benz is also increasing. Lastly, more current and prospective clients are eager to buy the Audi cars. The Audi cars are composed of the quality Volkswagen parts. The article further states that the demand for cars in the German car market segment had increased by an estimated 10 percent. In order to increase their car sales, the article excellent shows that the car manufacturing companies had to offer discounts to its current and prospective clients. The economic theory of demand states as the prices of goods and commodities decline (through the offer of discounts), the demand for the car manufacturing company’s products increase. The article shows facts stating the increase in the demands for the have actually increased due to the discounts given to the company’s present and future clients. The article also shows actual financial figures to bring home the story that some of the car manufacturers are losing money and on the brink of joining the long line of bankrupt companies. The article shows that Peugeot – Citroen’s parent company, PSA, generated a huge financial for the prior year. Specifically, the Peugeot - Citroen’s parent company, PSA generated a net loss of €92,000,000 ($121 m). The article correctly warns that General Motors did not reveal its actual global losses. General Motors is the car manufacturer of Opel – Vauxhall). In addition, the article correctly shows an article to confirm the General Motors car, Opel – Vauxhill. The additional car sales loss amounted to $14 billion. The article also indicates that the European Union’s new car sales had declined to only 13,000,000 units. The figure is far lower than the car demand for 2007, alone. The European car sales figures had continued to drop below the poverty level because the client’s car sales had declined for the past four years of painstaking car marketing. Specifically, the school’s academic references persuading the readers to study the statistic car figures as a way to understand the financial statements. Even then the European Car manufactures state that the South Korean brands are better sellers compared to the many European Brands. Next, the article shows excellently includes the primary and secondary references in terms of degree of relevance to the topic being discussed. The inserted graph shows that the top selling car is the Renault. The same article shows that the second top selling car is the Renault Kangoo. The third top selling car is the Fiat Panda. The fourth top selling car is the Opel Corsa. The Fifth top selling car is the Opel Asra. The car brand that is ranked as the lowest selling bran is the Peugeot 207. Likewise the 2nd lowest selling car brand is the Citroen C3. The third lowest selling car brand is the Ford Focus. The article indicates that the secondary source for car brand rankings is the reliable Guter Rat Magazine. The article also shows that the government can step in to prevent the car companies from being dragged into the bankruptcy bandwagon. The article indicates that the United States Government bailed out the American Car Company, General Motors Company, by giving the car manufacturing company financial rescue money. Similarly, the United States government gave a timely financial support to the car ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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