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CS 4 - Strategic Choices - Essay Example

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Strategic choices Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Coca-cola Revision of the strategic choice Coca-cola is a beverage company that spreads out in several countries. The beverages range entails juices, soft drinks, coffee drinks, water and energy drinks. The most popular brands entail soda beverages such as coke, sprite, fanta and their affiliates…
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CS 4 - Strategic Choices
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Download file to see previous pages This forms the principal guideline of Coca-Cola whereby it designs its company activities to suit the income and preference changes in the market. It is essential to note that Coca-Cola serves various ages of individuals: Both the old and young person’s utilize the brand. Coca-Cola is widely spread around the world. The activities of Coca-Cola transcend bias even in low-income countries. The countries, under Coca-Cola service stretch from USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and Africa. The company’s headquarters manage a global channel of distribution. In turn, it produces diverse brands out of the traditional domain of soda brands (Hirschey, 2008). Additionally, Coca-Coca integrates its activities in customers, employees, partners and its leadership. As for the partners, the company’s mission regards linking customers, suppliers and the company in a competitive network of entities. Coca-cola, as well, strive to a socially just society through participation in world concerns and other community’s issues. These community’s issues regard water, sanitation and hunger. Revision of SWOT analysis This regards the strength that Coca-Cola possesses in the beverage competition. In close relation to this, SWOT analysis addresses the loopholes to achieving an edge in beverage market. In addition, it addresses challenges and inevitable threats it faces from the markets and competitive field. The company possesses notable strengths. To begin with, Coca-Cola shares a long history of serving the beverage world. This is contrary to companies that feel out of the competitive field. Each emerging generation of customers are willing to identify with the brand. The brand name is a robust force that traverses across groups and countries. This help in the fact that individuals can easily relate to the brand without relating the same to a specific group’s link (Inkpen & Ramaswany, 2006). The company utilizes an effective advertising method of various types to harness customer base. The company faces a weakness of offering almost similar products just as other beverage companies. Despite its strength, the brand loses out to other popular brands such as Pepsi. Additionally, the company faces the weakness of offering products that medical expertise has analyzed to contain harm to individuals. The larger the quantity of such products, the more risky it becomes to consume. The opportunities for Coca-cola are notable. To begin with, the company can collaborate with other brands to produce different goods. This will serve to minimize anti-market campaigns and competition. In addition, the brand can engage in production of healthy products. The company can also establish a unique taste in their beverages to edge themselves out of the brands such as Pepsi. The company’s threats regards protective measures from other countries. This relates to tariffs and policies. In addition, its expansive activities face the challenge of political instability in some of its operation countries (Kapferer, 2012). Strategic choices Coca-Cola has several strategic choices that build on its core strategy of diversity in service. Coca-Cola literally expands into new market territories. The main method it employs to achieve this means of distributive properties. Despite the fact that Coca Cola’s headquarters are in Atlanta, the company owns bottling companies in several countries. The benefit as regards to this strategy relates to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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