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Green Economy for XYZ Ltd or the XXX Sector - Essay Example

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Green economy for xyz ltd or the xxx sector Name Institution Executive summary The increased pollution and global warming effects have increased the need for the businesses both small and large to start programs of utilizing the available renewable energy sources…
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Green Economy for XYZ Ltd or the XXX Sector
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Download file to see previous pages Some of these includes lack of adequate skills to operate new technology and also finances to implement the policy. The paper analyzes the solutions to these barriers and takes an insight on the effect it will have to the business and world at large. One of the major breakthroughs of the initiative will be making the world a better place to reside in as fuels are cited as major contributors of world pollution. Introduction In the current days, there has been an increased change in the environmental conditions. This has resulted to global warming which is a condition that has earned global concern all over the world. Global warming has mainly been associated by increased release of carbon dioxide and other gases in the environment. The highest contributor of the gas release is the petroleum and its products. This has called for an urgent review on the alternative methods that can be used to get alternative sources of energy to supplement the use of petroleum. Non-governmental organization has started campaigns to sensitize people on dangers that the world faces in case it does not change to other renewable sources of energy such as sun, wind, water and geothermal energies. ...
In the current days the world has experienced increased release of green gas in the atmosphere which has had an effect on the world overall temperatures. One of the most affected areas is the arctic regions where increase in the temperature levels is changing the ecosystem of the areas through melting of the ice. This has caused distress to animals living in these areas and even some of them succumbing to the temperature changes. Also, the overall world temperatures levels have increased. This has led to increased desertification in various parts of the world. The sea levels have also changed. The sea levels have gone up leading to changes in aqua-system. The move by businesses to use environmental friendly measures would prevent these conditions from aggravating further (Bleischwitz & Hennicke) Green energy is cost savings. In the current days the petroleum prices have seen an increased trend in prices which is bringing a difference in the cost of production. As a result the prices of the commodities have increased tremendously. This has had an impact on the total revenues of the commodity as the consumers’ consumption has changed leading to lowering the revenues of the company. Environmental friendly energy sources are less costly e.g. solar energy and wind energy as they are offered free by nature. This gives an opportunity to business to operate at a lower cost and make profits. Mainly the petroleum industry is controlled by cartels whose main aim is to make profits (HPS, 2009). This has made some of them to take advantage of the growing demand of the commodity. Although for the business to harness the energy it requires capital to install the materials ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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