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Apple's Adaptation to Global, Economic and Social Changes Since 1990 - Essay Example

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Apple’s adaptation to global, economic and social changes since 1990 Apple’s adaptation to global, economic and social changes since 1990 Apple, which is one of the largest and the fastest growing companies of the world, had a roller coaster ride with a lot of ups and downs since its inception in the year 1976…
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Apples Adaptation to Global, Economic and Social Changes Since 1990
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Download file to see previous pages Steve Jobs came back again as the interim Chief Executive Officer , he laid down the strategies and the goals systemically and started off by building the Macintosh franchise and made an addition of an operating system which was developed at Next Inc. ‘Apple, the Silicon Valley company that has become an icon of personal computing, rose to its greatest heights in the years after Mr. Jobs returned to its helm and opened horizons beyond the desktop.’ (Apple Incorporated (AAPL) News - Company Information - The New York Times) ‘Rather than growing Apple share, as originally planned , cloners instead took Mac sales away from Apple. Next , Jobs created the machines that would save Apple, the iMac’(O'GRADY, J. D., Apple Inc 2009). ‘Apple needed experienced leadership if it was going to grow as rapidly as called in the business plan.’(LINZMAYER, O. W., & LINZMAYER, O. W, Apple confidential 2.0 2004) The revolution took place in the music industry with the introduction of the iPod music player , and changed the course of the consumer electronics in the favour of Apple. And the market share increased even more when the iTunes Music Store was launched which assisted the users in filling their iPods with their favourite songs(Apple Incorporated (AAPL) News - Company Information - The New York Times). ...
rporated (AAPL) News - Company Information - The New York Times) The global economic crisis was not successful in affecting the strong position of the company and within a matter of few years , Apple was declared as the largest company of the world in terms of the market capitalization and announced as the entity which had the most liquid assets.( U.S. balance now less than Apple cash | Financial Post) What made Apple the market leader was the introduction of the smart phones, for which it has now become the market leader. Currently in the smart phone industry, Apple is enjoying the record breaking sales revenue and the profits , showing that the entity adapted very well to the technological advancements in the world. It has become the conqueror of this industry. ‘Apple had an amazing impact on the technology, society and the world. And it continues to innovate to this day’ (O'GRADY, J. D., Apple Inc 2009). Furthermore, the success of the smart phones pushed the entity to consider the idea of a tablet device which was rejected by Jobs back in 2005. iPad was another fine contribution made by Apple, making the entity the pioneer in the tablets industry. Recently Apple introduced the third generation tablet for which it is already reporting the record breaking sales. ‘Apple also said iPad users had downloaded more than one million apps from the company’s App Store and more than 250,000 electronic books from its iBookstore.’ (Apple Incorporated (AAPL) News - Company Information - The New York Times) ‘Apple is sitting just about as close to the top of the world as possible right now. The world’s most valuable company, it’s got a market capitalization flirting again with the $500 billion mark, and even a flash crash in morning trading on Monday didn’t bring ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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