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Antitrust Law - Essay Example

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Antitrust Law Name Institution Antitrust Law Introduction Antitrust law consists of three key aspects namely, prohibition of abusive behavior through a company dominating a market or anti-competitive actions that can result to such domination. Anti-competitive practices controlled in this manner can encompass predatory pricing, tying, refusal to deal, and such…
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Antitrust Law Essay
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Download file to see previous pages The other element of antitrust law is that the application of antitrust law is different from various jurisdictions. Protection of consumer welfare and making sure that entrepreneurs have a chance of competing within the market economy are frequently deemed as vital goals of this law (Goodling, 2011). The company should avoid price fixing agreements with the competitors. This is because agreements with competitors that impact prices are unlawful. Competitors are not supposed to make agreements on trade credit terms for their clients or agreements eliminating interest-free trade credit. Discount, delivery charges, service charges, taxes agreements are also prohibited. The company should also not make agreements with its competitors of following an open pricing policy. Likewise, the company should avoid customers’ allocation and territories with its competitors. Market sharing might include allocation of fixed percentages of existing business to every competitor, division of sales territories geographically, or competitors’ agreement regarding bidding practices. The company should also refrain from selling using the same sales agents with its competitors. Refusing to carry out business with other traders is prohibited. Therefore, the company should not enter in group boycotts where competitors agree to decline to sell to some clients or purchase form certain suppliers (Pil, 2007). It is imperative for the company to keep away from exchanging its sensitive business information with competitors without legal guidance. Exchanging credit information on clients among competitors is a predominantly sensitive undertaking and the company is supposed to do this only under strict legal guidance to keep away from the appearance of agreements within restraint of trade. In addition, the company should be careful when dealing with trade associations. This is because the functions carried out by trade associations to the advantage of its members and their industry, are many and varied. Therefore, the company should be careful when taking part within trade associations’ activities or comparable associations where competitors meet together (Goodling, 2011). Basically, a prohibited agreement among competitors is commonly asserted and at times proved, simply through innocent discussions or information exposure to a competitor. For the company to avoid even the emergence of inappropriate concerted actions, it should keep away from discussing with competitors subjects such as, prices, pricing methods, price changes or conditions of sale; pricing activities of any industry associate; price forecast, either rise or decrease; a particular discounts, market share, profits and credit terms of the company; selection, refusal of the company’s suppliers or clients; production levels as well as bids information on contracts (Pil, 2007). Basically, a company that does not have monopoly power posses the right, acting autonomously to select its clients. However, the right is not absolute. As a result, the company should not exercise this right to bring about an outcome that is against the antitrust laws. Regarding the resale price maintenance, mostly it is against the antitrust law for the company and some of its clients to make agreements on the price that the customer will be charged on resale of the products of the company. The company ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Antitrust Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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...Questions in Antitrust Law Question Antitrust laws are body of governing principles that seek to enhance favorable business environment through promoting fair competition as well as protecting consumers in addition to wronged competitor businesses against anti-competitive practices within the business environment. Antitrust laws aim at removing aspects of monopoly within business environments and unfair business practices (Hylton 45). According to Hylton (47), actions that are deemed to be capable of hurting business operations and/or consumers are regarded those that contravenes antitrust laws. Such...
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...? Antitrust Law Case Antitrust Law Case Antitrust laws can be defined as acts adopted by congress to ban or hinder business practices considered being monopolistic or restraining interstate commerce. A clear example is the Sherman antitrust Act of 1890 between states or foreign countries. The Clayton Act 1914 amended by Robinson Patman Act 1936 prohibits discrimination among customers through pricing and does not allow competition. Interstate commerce includes business within a state that affects the flow of that trade thus making it explicit. The antitrust laws are defined as state and...
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...Evaluating antitrust legislation The Anti Trust Legislation was enacted by the federal and various governments to regulate trade and commerce by preventing unlawful restraints, with the primary goal of safeguarding public welfare by ensuring that consumer demands will be met by the manufacture and sale of goods at reasonable prices. The areas covered under this law to ensure fair business practices fall under four categories: agreements between competitors, contractual arrangements between sellers and buyers, the pursuit or maintenance of monopoly power, and mergers. The foundation for the Law was The Sherman Anti-Trust Act of 1890. The origin of Anti Trust Law lies in the reaction to public outcry over the corporate monopolies... customers...
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.... This is where the government chips in, through its antitrust regulations. The government reserves the right, and rightly so, to intervene and block any merger deal which it feels would reduce competition in the industry and thereby adversely affect the consumers, either by way of high prices or by way of low quality. In some cases, these mergers may lead to less innovation thus indirectly putting consumers at a loss. Section 7 of the Clayton Act disallows mergers and acquisitions when such transactions may significantly lower competition, or may create a monopoly, or may lead to formation of cartels (Federal Trade Commission 2011). Simply put, the purpose of antitrust legislations is to enforce...
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...requirements. Upcoming business enterprises must comply with these rules and regulations (Steven, 2008 p.78). Antitrust in the business world explains how it seeks to make sure that business enterprises compete fairly in the market. This in the past, has had an effect on the economy of many countries in the world. With beliefs that free, commercial trade is advantageous to consumers, businesses and economy, this law restricts monopolization and restraints of trade activities. Four main areas emanate from this: pursuit of monopoly power, agreements between competitors, contract arrangements between buyers and sellers and business mergers (Keith, 2007 p.120). A monopoly is a market whereby there is only...
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The Sherman Antitrust Act be specific as they draft the laws. The law was not so effective in that the interpretations made it weaker. For example, the Act did not stipulate how much evidence was required so as to prove a conspiracy. That is there is need to attain the guilty beyond reasonable doubt requirement. New laws need to be well detailed and defined so as to ensure that any violators do not escape on technicalities but ensure that justice gets served. References Society for Human Resource Management (2008) Sherman Anti-Trust Act of 1890. ages/shermananti-trustactof1890.aspx#sthash.zbZhN8DU.dpuf/html Sherman...
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