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My Experiences at Toan Phu Construction Company - Admission/Application Essay Example

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In the paper “My Experiences at Toan Phu Construction Company” the author considers his experiences at Toan Phu Construction Company, Azizi Life Inc in Africa, and the Middle East as an Army Finance Officer as the three most substantial achievements insofar as the business…
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My Experiences at Toan Phu Construction Company
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Extract of sample "My Experiences at Toan Phu Construction Company"

Download file to see previous pages I initiated advanced technical and technological training programs for the workers in order to reduce overhead costs and construction time such to optimize the return on assets. The other significant achievement at the company was incorporating a new method of financing projects through equity issuance and debt securities. At Azizi Life Inc in Gitarama, Rwanda, I attained some very important experience as the leader of the project team. My team was responsible for the development of innovative and sustainable proposals for streamlining financial models, strengthening weak local infrastructures while developing cultural sensitivity for application in the handicraft industry business functions, as well as global marketing strategic plan and global competitive analysis for the clients in the developing global economy. One of the enriching experiences during my tenure at the company was the field experience in January 2012. Our team spent four weeks working with indigenous villagers, local Rwandan startup businesses, the Ministry of Finance in Rwanda, the Development Board, and Ministry of Education of Rwanda in developing strategies to boost the sales revenue of the country by 250% in the coming fiscal year. In addition, the other central focus of the team project was laying down strategies to assist the local citizens of the country to eradicate poverty and regain some degree of economic freedom (Daylife). My role as the financial management officer in the United States Army serves as my greatest achievement of all times. I served in several important capacities in the force, including as an Army Company Commander responsible for the effective operation and life of 200 other army officers. After the exemplary performance, I was allocated the responsibility of overseeing the cash budget and equipment of a frontline company worth more than $120 million of military asset wile under deployment in Afghanistan and Iraq. In my capacity as the financial management officer, my duties involved designing policies, coordinating, and performing all the Army Finance and Acquisition functions of the force for a battalion of more than one thousand soldiers. In addition, I was tasked with the duties of a micro-finance loan officer for villagers of Tikrit Province, Afghanistan, by the Department of Defense. After displaying competence in the duties allocated, the Army command elevated my duties to the quality control inspector and finance facilitator on the Afghanistan and Iraq rebuilding projects, including construction of irrigation systems and bridges in Northern Tigris River during Operation Tropic Lightning, and farm and elementary school projects in Falluja during Operation Wolf Hound Delta. I consider the three experiences as great achievements since the working environments were relatively extreme. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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