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Employee Relations- 'Finder' Case Study - Essay Example

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Employee Relations - ‘Finder’ Case Study Finder Industries has a very peculiar situation at hand. Since there are immense hurdles in the wake of achieving success between Finder Industries and its employees, the need is to understand where the company is going wrong and what can be done to remove the hurdles that lie in the path of the Finder Industries…
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Employee Relations- Finder Case Study
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Download file to see previous pages This has meant anarchy of sorts and with the soft warning that the union ‘UNITE’ has given to the management and top heads goes to show the problem is more than skin deep and a major catharsis is required which will solve the issue once and for all. From the organizational standpoint, management is stuck as to how it can retain its employees whilst asking them to attend office on a consistent basis. This is a problem which has haunted Finder Industries for a long time and a solution needs to be found to tackle the issue at hand. However, the problems are many and the alternatives in the wake of solutions are less (Willman, 2009). This paper will try to establish where the problem actually lies within Finder Industries and what the solutions should be. Also it will aim to determine where and how the directives need to be changed so that the employees can stop taking the company for granted and give it their best in even the most trying of times and circumstances. Further, there will be recommendations that would address the problems at hand and consideration would be paid towards the barriers that have a say in a very destructive manner towards the outcome of the issue. Also a reflective statement would be mentioned that would add on to the discussion so that the end results are comprehensible, engaging and decisive as far as solutions are concerned. The problem with Finder Industries is that the employees are not respecting the workplace at the moment. What is even more distressing to know is that the company is not doing much for itself to get respected within the eyes of the employees and workers. This respect comes from empathy for one another that would eventually act as a symbiotic force for the long term solutions that could be found for the sake of the Finder Industries. What is a problem now could be treated as one of the pathways towards finding a solution – if only there is such a comprehension achievable in the first place. The respect factor must start from the top; however there are times when this respect issue could be understood by incorporating motivation and providing incentives to the middle and lower middle management domains. One can be sure when the respect factor for the sake of the Finder Industries would be available, many problems would automatically get resolved, and that too in an amicable fashion (Bruno, 2005). The need right now is to find out what would motivate the employees to start respecting where they work and how they can live up to the organizational name and raise its stature more and more. Moving ahead with the debate, Finder Industries is going through a tough time at the present because its rules and policies as far as the sick leaves are not properly designed. If this can be done in a proper way, perhaps there could be a pathway to finding new solutions to tackle the issue at hand. Finder Industries needs to know why its rules and policies regarding sick leaves and absenteeism of employees is not drafted in a proper way but then again this would mean that the company has not gone forward but is geared to go back. This must not happen (Moriconi, 2011). The approach should always be positive because it sends good enough signals to one and all within the organization. The best foot forward would be to determine if there is room to devise rules and policies which would be deemed as agreeable by the union ‘ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Employee Relations- 'Finder' Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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