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Research Methodology and Methods - Dissertation Example

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Research Methodology and Methods Name of the of the of the instructor Research Methodology and Methods Introduction: Choosing an appropriate research methodology plays a significant role in conducting a research successfully as it helps the researcher to achieve accurate and desired results…
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Research Methodology and Methods
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"Research Methodology and Methods"

Download file to see previous pages Different tools of research and data sources in relevance with qualitative methodology are discussed in the chapter. Sample size, selection of sample, and target population are also explained in this research methodology along with the limitations of the methodology used in this study. Research philosophies/methodologies: The research is mainly based on the determining the effects of applying the Efficient Customer Response (ECR) in different convenient stores on customer value. As previous researches have indicated that the consumer value is based on the interest of the consumer therefore, it is argued that Positivist Research is not completely applicable and implemented in this research and limitation on this type of research cannot be ignored or avoided. Therefore, the use of Interpretative Research is given consideration, which is helpful to analyze the customer value with help of surveys, questionnaires, and interviews. The dimension of customer perception shifted from independent store to major multiples has the ability to make use of ECR method resulted from this change. Qualitative data is more appropriate to explore in this topic therefore, Interpretative Research is suitable to conduct this research. ...
Different people have different experiences because they have experienced different parts of reality in their life. The analysis of interview data is a rational method in understanding the difference between the experiences of people (Fade 2004). In this research, different managers are working for different convenient stores and they have experienced different behaviors and attitudes of customers coming in their stores. Through analyzing and combining their views on customer value and effective implementation of ECR, a new paradigm is achieved through this research work. The researcher has used qualitative approach to make sure that all the goals and objectives are met to reach a conclusive result. The reason to use qualitative approach is that manipulation of data is made easy in this approach and information utilized in such a way that researcher comes to the desire result. This approach presents the result of study in subjective manner and help to make hypothesis so that it becomes easy for researcher to evaluate the reliability and validity of the problems and questions of research (Saunders, Lewis and Thornhill 1997). By looking at the nature of the study, qualitative approach is appropriate of this research as it focuses on extending and evaluating the findings and theories of studies conducted in past and presents new dimension of subject under research. The study provide in depth understanding on the concept of efficient consumer response and customer value of different convenience stores. Kurnia, Swatman and Schauder (1998) conducted a comprehensive research on Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) in which they have ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Research Methodology and Methods Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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