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Dell International Communication Strategy - Essay Example

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The above discussion provides a lucid comprehension along with an insight into the international communication strategy followed by Dell. The direct and effectual form of communication within and outside the company has been attributed as one of the chief reason of success for the company. …
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Dell International Communication Strategy
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Download file to see previous pages Dell has been learnt to be a company with its roots in the United States and deals in sales as well as services related to computer hardware. The company was established in the year 1980 by Michael Dell. It was witnessed to scale fresh heights in the past three decades which made the company amongst the largest multi-national corporations worldwide with its business presence in about 190 countries accompanied with almost nine manufacturing plants spread out in six different continents. The company has been learnt to earn quite considerable revenue amounting to above $49 billion annually and is also believed to engage a workforce of 55, 000 employees. Dell marks its presence in nearly every individual corner across the globe by way of selling its products directly to its respective end users. The paper would focus on comprehending the communication strategy adopted by Dell which has contributed to a significant extent towards its worldwide success (IBS Case Development Centre, 2010; Argenti & et. al., 2005).
Objectives of Dell
Dell pursues an objective of creating dedicated customers with the help of offering better experience at an enormous worth. Dell prefers to focus their complete attention on their customers by maintaining direct associations with them along with serving them with the best possible products accompanied with benchmark based technology that is aimed at surpassing the degree of competition with an increased degree of customer experience and worth. The company is observed to pursue a mission of attaining the position amongst the most flourishing computer companies across the world by way of providing superior experience to its customers with regard to the markets that are catered by Dell.
The company’s vision is believed to be a pioneer in the different regions of its business operations (Hanson, 1999). Background of the International Communication Strategy of Dell Corporate Culture & Ethics Dell has been learnt to witness a marvellous development in the last twenty years. In the course of this period, the company was found to constantly make endeavours in uplifting its excellence standards. The mission, values as well as vision with regard to the company has enabled the company to attain its ascertained illustrious objectives. The vital competency factor which has helped the company to attain success has been stated to be its communication strategy (Summit Strategies Inc., 2005). It has been mentioned that the company, in spite of witnessing such remarkable development has continued to remain dedicated to the core values. Dell is believed to maintain an ethical structure where the individuals are considered to be the common line that connects the present position along with the future applicants of the company. The company is observed to pursue a mission of attaining the position amongst the most flourishing computer companies across the world by way of providing superior experience to its customers with regard to the markets that are catered by Dell. The company’s vision is believed to be a pioneer in the different regions of its business operations (Hanson, 1999). Dell is learnt to be a flat company which carries out its business operations on the basis of open communication and claim outcomes. The employees of the company at every individual level are provided complete independence for the reason of structuring fresh and increasingly effectual ways of conducting their respective tasks. The persuasion and completion of the individual tasks with regard to the employees does not call for the requirement of prior authorisation from the higher management. This ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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