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Shipping Logistics in the UK - Essay Example

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SHIPPING LOGISTICS IN UK Reg. No.: Course: Module Code: Institution’s Name: Date: Abstract This paper presents a research proposal into the shipping logistics in UK. Shipping logistics are described as all the activities undertaken to ensure timely and safe delivery of goods from the source to the destination…
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Shipping Logistics in the UK
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Download file to see previous pages Data for the research will be gathered from both primary and secondary data where all participants will be selected randomly to reduce biasness in the research. Questionnaires will be used to help in data collection where telephone interviews will be used to help reduce cost of travelling. After data has been collected it will be analyzed using computer programs such as Ms. Excel and SPSS and presented using tables and graphs. Confidentiality will be observed as a strategy for enforcing ethics sin research. Background of the Research The term shipping has changed from what it was associated with in the past to include any form of transport moving goods from one point to another (Lun, Lai and Cheng, 2010, p. 12). Previously, the term the term was associated with water borne transport. Consequently this extended meaning makes the industry a complex and dynamic. Logistics is described as the management of the flow of commodities from the point of production to target point with an aim of meeting the needs of customers and companies. Logistics calls for assimilation of information, inventory, transportation, warehousing, handling and packaging of materials and security of the goods. According to Fremont (2009, p. 1), for the last 50 years, containerization has turned into the prop of globalization. Additionally, this period has seen increased international trade and consequently this calls for efficient shipping logistics. Companies and businesses demand for better synchronized shipping activities in terms of location and space by development of logistics chains. The total value of the UK logistics industry was $105.7 billion in 2010 having grown by 9.9 percent in the 2009-10 fiscal years. This sector employs thousands of people and supports a significant proportion of the country’s economy. However, the sector is facing various constrains which may impede the efficient discharge of its responsibilities to different stakeholders. One primary concern in the sector is the security threats caused by pirates and increased terrorism cases (Askins, 2012, p. 15). The other issue facing the UK shipping sector is that fact that with enlargement of European Union, competition has increased with the newer member states to the EU who have lower operational costs. Moreover, in the late 1990s, there was increased demand for bigger containers and tanker ships overstretched the capacity of the available ports thereby impeding trade. In light of these developments in this sector, it is critical to carry out a research into the shipping logistics in UK to understand the processes and procedures implemented by different companies to ensure smooth trade between UK and other countries. Aim and Objectives of the Research The aim of this research is to understand shipping logistics in United Kingdom; the process, procedures and policies that control shipping in UK. Moreover, the research will help understand any impediments to the shipping logistics in UK and the problems faced by shippers in UK in relation to other shippers in the European Union. Objectives of the research 1. To find the security issues facing shippers in UK 2. To assess handling of goods at the port in UK 3. To investigate whether there is adequate capacity for shipping in UK Justification of the research Findings from this research will be help regulatory authorities make better informed decisions on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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