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Topic Analysis: Business Intelligence - Essay Example

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Business Intelligence Name Institution Business Strategy Kourdi (2009) conducted a research study to determine that a strategy is a detailed plan set in place by a business for achieving success. In short, the bundle of decisions and activities a business chooses in order to achieve its long-term goals and objectives refers to a business strategy…
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Topic Analysis: Business Intelligence
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Download file to see previous pages References from Kourdi (2009) will address the means of coming up with a business strategy an how to act on it with view of attaining the firm’s objectives. A business strategy is like a game plan. The best way of coming up with a business strategy is to initiate the viable business ideas that motivates us to begin a business. A business idea is a business thought that generates what we find most suitable for a business. For instance, if you want to open a restaurant, it is important you consider using recipes that proved suitable for all cooking, as it is possible that the rest will find the food unique and delicious. The second phase of a business strategy comprises of assets and income. In order to realize and deliver the promise of a business idea, you must use a package of assets (Kourdi, 2009). This package involves people and property. In this category, a location is crucial, furniture is inevitable, and employees are necessary as well as the other essentials required in a business. There must be assets that the business owner will use to refuel the business in order to keep it going. In a firm, a business strategy incorporates finding and providing what is lacking in the market. This means, a business strategy aimed at achieving success must offer satisfaction to the prospects. This may require a brand-new product, service, or it may signal offering that product at a lowered price than is currently available (Kourdi, 2009). In addition, a good business strategy drives transactions. Is what the business offering worth the customer’s exchange of money? A good strategy of a business puts into the heart of the business the best interest of the business, which in turn helps achieve the business’ both short- and long-term goals. Decision Support Systems The effect of training on user satisfaction as investigated by Jamakiraman & Surakesi (2004) shown that, the world of computerized decision support is intensifying at a vast rate to use technological inventions and to create new applications. Researchers of information systems and technologists built and carried out thorough investigation of computerized decision support systems for roughly four decades. The inventors and developers of decision support system define it as an interactive system based on computer or sub-system intended to assist decision makers use technologies, knowledge, data, models, and documents related to communications in identifying and solving problems. Furthermore, use the system to complete the process of decision-making and make new decisions. With evidence from (Jamakiraman & Surakesi, 2004) I will chronicle and explore the advancements related to building and deploying decision support systems. In addition, the article will also feature on how organizations can use this system to enhance their performance. Documented evidence echoes that the development of decision support systems has its journey rooted with the building of model driven decision support system in the late 1960’s. Highlighted in chronological order, theory developments of this system jetted in the 1970’s followed by financial implementation and planning systems together with spreadsheet-based decision support system in the wake and midst of 1980’s. Decision support system is a diverse field whose history is unclear. However, what it can achieve for a firm is what matters most as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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