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A Personal Definition of Innovation, Creativity and Invention (Name) (University) (Course) (Tutor) (Date) Introduction This paper analyzes the concepts of innovation, creativity and invention. A detailed discussion is provided and their comparison. A description of relationship between traditional and creative problem solving process is also provided…
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A Personal Definition of Innovation, creativity and Invention
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Download file to see previous pages Innovation Innovation is creating something new or generating an idea into reality and use. Ideas are turned into facts which can be incorporated in activities to better their efficiency. Information and knowledge available and which is relevant is synthesized and produced in a new way that it has value in new processes, strategies, products and services (Rigby, 2009). It involves a creative process in assessing available body of knowledge. Ideas developed and expressed without use in current circumstance are useless. Innovation considers that provided information and expressed ideas should be continually analyzed and productive ideas generated to help correct, advance or improve existing activities. An invention is a discovery that has a unique function. Formulation of an invention could be from an existing idea or innovation. They are in most circumstances recognized and protected as patent. It incorporates creativity where certain ideas or possibilities are combined together to identify an existing relationship and hence creates a lasting solution to a given problem. Creativity therefore encompasses all processes of recognizing ideas that can be of use. It can simply be for purpose of amusing ourselves or communicating information to others. Ideas in this perspective are required to be unique (Pisano, 2009). Creativity is fundamental to all processes involved in innovation and invention. Creativity is designed to generate ideas and present alternatives while invention requires that provided ideas can be used to create a change and add value. Businesses ensure that they sustain innovation culture in their activities so as to have a competitive advantage in the market. In the case of invention there exists the concept of introducing something new that has never existed. Invention is created through making improvement of existing things (Pisano, 2009). People within the field where invention is taking place might be aware of it but importance lies on how it is represented to be unique from what others see and know. As creativity is thinking of new things, innovation is doing new things and invention is doing unique things. Innovation therefore will tend to help create improvements and cause changes so that there will be efficiency and effectiveness in doing things. New ways are researched to produce and improve creativity and help in producing something in newer and improved form. Technical/Traditional Problem Solving Finding of a solution for every problem is essential in any setup. Traditional problem solving process required that a problem to be identified, defined and analyzed and several solutions which can solve problem be chosen. A chosen solution is implemented and if it does not solve the problem another solution is selected. It involved trial and error methods (Pisano, 2009). Creative/Intuitive Problem Solving Creative problem solving involves coming up with solutions to fix problems by thinking critically. This could be induced by situations, opportunities or challenges while undertaking certain activities. Creative problem solving requires assimilation of innovative approaches to solve the problem. It involves careful selection of options of which are guaranteed to some extent that they will solve the problem. Many varied and unusual options are generated and well analyzed considering perceived extend of their solving problem (Rigby, 2009). Thinking is then focused ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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