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Will Paper Based Books Survive or will the E-media completely Replace Paper Media - Essay Example

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he report mainly highlights the benefits and the impacts of Information Technology (IT) upon the industry of books. In the present days, due to the growth of IT, varied e-books can be easily accessed at any point of time…
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Will Paper Based Books Survive or will the E-media completely Replace Paper Media
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Extract of sample "Will Paper Based Books Survive or will the E-media completely Replace Paper Media"

Download file to see previous pages In addition, the passion of e-books can be mainly observed among the young generations of the countries as compared to others. It is predominantly due to the introduction of varied electronic gadgets such as iPad, tablet and kindle. Moreover, it also spotlights, varied benefits which it offers to its publishers, booksellers, authors and customers. In addition, the report also depicts that emergence of e-books and e-readers would replace the paper books in the future markets. Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Table of Contents 3 Introduction 4 Critical Analysis of e-Books and e-Readers 5 Market Analysis of e-Books and e-Readers 5 Customer Needs and Wants from e-books and e-readers 6 Value Chain Analysis From Author To Reader 7 Conclusion and Recommendations 9 Strategic Analysis of the Future Direction of This Market 9 References 10 Bibliography 13 Introduction In this era of globalisation and industrialisation, the passion of e-books and e-readers has increased at a rapid pace. This is due to the emergence of information technology (IT) in the universities and colleges all over the world. Moreover, due to the increased passion of internet mainly among the young generation of varied countries, the craze for e-books and e-readers has improved by a large extent. The term ‘e-book’ can be referred to electronic book or digital book which can be viewed with the help of electronic media. It mainly comprises texts, images and information similar to paper books. Besides, the digital or e-books are rather more efficient and effective in utilisation. Furthermore, with the help of digital books, varied old but valuable books or journals can be utilised for the purpose of reading in order to enhance the learning and knowledge of individuals (Miller, 2009). On the other hand, paper printed books may not be available always for the customers or students, which might create an intricate situation. Thus, due to the emergence of e-media, the numbers of e-books are increasing thereby enhancing the amount of the e-readers (Deangelo, 2011). Apart from these, the passion of e-books is mainly observed in case of a particular section of individuals i.e. youth among others, which is quite noteworthy. Moreover, this strategy or concept also augmented the satisfaction and contentment of the readers as it can be accessed at any point of time. Still, paper books are recognised as one of the most efficient assets of both modern as well as previous times. The report mainly highlights the impact of e-media over the paper-books. Furthermore, it also attempts to identify the benefits and the advantages of utilisation of e-books rather than paper-books in this age of globalisation. In addition, it also spotlights varied aspects related to the increased passion for e-books among a specific section of individuals i.e. youth. The report is divided into three sections namely introduction, critical analysis of e-books and e-readers along with conclusion and recommendations. Critical Analysis of e-Books and e-Readers Market Analysis of e-Books and e-Readers A market segment is referred to the classification of a particular group of customers consisting of certain definite characteristics along with uniform demands and requirements. It also attempts to recognise certain specific qualities such as quality, price and design among others. The passion of e-books has highly increased among the young generation of varied countries namely Southern Africa and the United Kingdom (Advertising Forecast, 2011). This is due to the fact the craze of internet is increasing mainly among the young generations of the countries within the age group (10 to 35 years), which is quite beneficial and detrimental as well. The passion is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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