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Service Operation and Manufacturing Operation - Essay Example

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This paper focuses on the identifying the differences between service operations and manufacturing operations. It clearly distinguishes what are the tasks undertaken by the service operations management and the manufacturing operations management. …
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Service Operation and Manufacturing Operation
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Extract of sample "Service Operation and Manufacturing Operation"

Download file to see previous pages It covers the lean operations and resource planning system to illustrate clearly that point. Introduction Service operation management is very different from manufacturing operations management. Service operations management entails fulfilling the end user’s needs and creating a suitable environment for the workers so that they can produce the required specifications of the user (Johnston 1998). Manufacturing operations management entails producing the required commodity required by the end user. It entails making sure that the product required has undergone through all the detailed steps in the manufacturing process. Difference between service operation and manufacturing operation Service operation is a process that is concerned with the maintenance of daily operations that occur with in an organization. Service operation management makes sure that the daily activities of the business run normally without any interruptions. Service operations management focuses on the infrastructure and the daily activities that are used to deliver services for an organization. Some of the tasks that occur in service operation include fixing problems that occur in the organization, fulfilling the user needs and requests, resolving failures of the system, and undertaking routinely operational tasks. On the other hand, manufacturing operations are the tasks that an organization undergoes in order to produce a commodity. Manufacturing operations make sure that the production of the commodity that is needed has been successful. In addition to that, it makes sure that the quality of the goods or commodities needed are met. While service management focuses on the maintenance of the infrastructure and meeting the requests and orders of a client, manufacturing operations makes sure that the needed commodity is produced. Service operations deal with the services that are to be given to the organization while manufacturing operations deal with creating the goods that are needed for production in the organization. This is to imply that service operations deal with the intangible while manufacturing operations deal with the tangibles in an organization. The intangibles that service operations deal with is the fixing problems that occur in the organization, fulfilling the user needs and requests, resolving failures of the system and undertaking routinely operational tasks. The tangible that the manufacturing operations deal with is the production of the goods of one unit until the end. Manufacturing operations make sure that the goods that are required are manufactured and processed the way the client has requested them to be. In service operations, there is a relationship between the producer and the consumer. The production and consumption is simultaneous while in manufacturing operations, there production and the consumption of the goods occur at different stages (Hammer & Champy 2001). For instance, in a baking flour company, the task that service operations entails is to make sure that the consumers are satisfied with the baking flour. The service operations management team will make sure that the daily activities in the company run efficiently. However, in a manufacturing operations set up, the management team will make sure that they process the baking flour that is needed. In addition to that, they will also make sure that all the steps that are required to produce the baking flour are completed. In a service operation system, the inventory concept might not be material. For instance in a health care sector, people who are queuing in a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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