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Defining Moments: When Managers Must Choose - Essay Example

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Defining Moments: When Managers Must Choose Name: Institution: Introduction Daily business operations present managers with challenges out of which one must make a choice. The choice a manager makes is determined by a number of managerial factors. The objective of setting up a business is to gain through profits accrued…
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Defining Moments: When Managers Must Choose
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Download file to see previous pages The gain or loss in business is determined by the type of choices that managers make. Understanding the complexities of these challenges, Joseph L. Badaracco, put up the best of his insight analysis of different markets to offer business managers a helping hand in making daily decisions. Summary of the Content Dilemmas hit managers on daily basis, to be a successful entrepreneur one has to make critical decisions. Fundamental decisions, such as what type of venture to set, how to manage finance, as well as books of transaction go a long way in determining the probable success or failure in a newly set business. The book covers such dilemmas and aims top come up with a tangible plan of dodging failure by business managers. The term manager is synonymously used in the book to refer to investors as well. The business world, as Joseph writes, presents occasions in which a manager is to make a choice between good or wrong. In trying to simulate similar positions, the author goes on to cover exhaustively the issues of leadership in business. He writes that a business must have an elaborate structure of administration and a well defined way of information flow. In such a setting, decision making becomes easier and problems would be more solve on occurrence. On business ethics, Joseph calls on business persons to act with decorum and abstain from making decisions that would be detrimental to their reputation. The public relations of a business venture would go a long way in winning the customer confidence. This helps businesses set up a market base. Making decisions that would hit on the reputation of the people involved in the business would result into failure. On conflict and conflict management, the book propagates that managers must set up properly spelled out conflict resolution in the business enterprise. In times of conflicts, managers must try and act with integrity without showing any sign of biasness. Taking sides in the set up would translate into favoritism and other officers who would consider themselves discriminated against would not put in their best in the business. The book goes on to highlight issues such as decision making, human relations movements, leadership, and managerial behavior in an exciting and unique way. This is done through the case studies presented in forms of three short stories. Analysis and Evaluation of the Book Evaluating this business masterpiece would be hard especially to novices. This is so due to the unique manner in which the author decides to address the issues. The style he uses is that of studying the market first. This is evident in the type of issues he addresses; they are issues that anybody in any form of business would easily identify with. After exhaustively studying the market and knowing some of the dilemmas that hit business managers, he goes a head to write on these issues. He analyses the market and presents his findings in forms of short case studies. He creates an imaginary market, fictious businesses, and non existent managers. The book, therefore, goes on to address these issues in what is akin to a non-fictious narration. The author, appears as one omnipresent supervisor who can clearly see and assess every challenge that any other business manager would go through. This is a style that would attract all types of varied readers. In a way, the style works to the author’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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