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Internal Business Process - Essay Example

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Instructor Date Internal Business Process The internal business process is useful in any organization. Through internal business processes, managers are in a position are scrutinize the business processes that are vital for the attainment of the aims and objectives of the organization…
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Internal Business Process
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Download file to see previous pages From the case study, the first step of the internal business process relates to the invoicing. For any business to be successful, it is vital that the invoices are carefully examined by the finance officers. After receiving the invoice, the data must be entered, the data validated and finally, issuance of payment. The invoicing process aims at ensuring that there are no complications between the company and the clients. Upon receiving the invoice, the client must confirm the invoice- a key aspect in invoicing-, after which the company categorizes the invoices and forwards them to the concerned departments. Next in line is checking the invoice. This process determines if the invoicing process is complete or not. After the particulars of the invoice are entered, the scrutinizing process takes charge. In the case of an incomplete invoice, the management informs the client through official requests through telephone calls or e-mails. In the event of no responses after five days, it is the responsibility of the administration to send the clients’ more reminders. On the other hand, for normal invoices, the administration must contact the client and request for the authorization for completion of the invoicing process. ...
After checking the invoice, the next step is filling in the details of the invoice as required in the entry form. The details in the invoice entry form are useful for the internal business process as the forms act as the blueprint of the business operations. With the provision of the client’s details- inclusive of their name, address and arrival date- makes it easier for the administration to deliver the required information to the right people at the right time. This turns down to efficiency and effectiveness of the entire business process. In essence, the filling in phase, can be described as the main process between interaction between the administration and the clients of the business. Besides the process of filling in the data by the administration, the administration cannot escape the step of entering the invoice data. This process begins from the client collecting the invoice forms from the administration then assessing the invoice through the SAP system. After accessing the forms, the client gets a reference number on their forms, which allows them complete the forms then send the invoice to the required department. After the administration receives the invoices, the invoice is then validated through a sorting process, so as to ensure, that the correct details are filled in the invoice sheet. After entering the details in the invoice, the form is validated by the validation officer who batches the form and forwards it to the next stage. The internal business process cannot be complete if the process of invoice validation is not achieved by the organization. This process begins with the validation officer receiving all the invoices received in their office. The next step included taking a batch for the invoices and sorting them ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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