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Privacy Assesment and Training - Research Paper Example

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Privacy Assessment and Training Name Instructor Task Date Medical Center of DeVry 1. Incidence Reporting Policy This policy will ensure the efficient orchestrating of duties by the hospital staff. This will improve services and streamline the communication channels of the patient’s details…
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Privacy Assesment and Training
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Download file to see previous pages The release of this data can be detrimental to the hospital privacy policy and possibly smudge its reputation. Moreover the safety of the patient can be compromised in result of this release when it is received by malicious individuals. In addition, how the information is reported is essential. Lastly it demonstrates the procedures followed in notification of any complaints. This policy governs of the entire hospital staff including the management, the physicians and nurses. a. Inappropriate use of a computer The hospital staff frequently utilizes the computers of the institution in an improper mode. Professionalism of the healthcare providers is tainted when loss of vital information is identified (Hubner, Costas &Pernul, 2007). Unwarranted use of computers entitled to shield the medical details of a patient can cause damage to it of inconvenience confidentiality (Castagna, 2009). Information inputted in the computer should have a medical basis. Procedures As a means of countering this vice, it is necessary to adopt a centralized system management to enhance data security. This will ensure adequate management of sensitive patient information thus enabling accurate distribution of medical assessments specifically to victims. In the incident of any inconsistencies experienced when undertaking this task it should be addressed to the central manager (King, 2008). The central manager will then evaluate the situation extensively and carefully categorize how that quandary might have happened. Any intrusion or distortion of information of which he is authorized to protect will be viewed as a lapse of the security capacity of the hospital (Hubner, Costas &Pernul, 2007). His expansive knowledge in this field will ensure his expert solutions are applied to incidents of a dire nature. Secondly, to initiate this investigation he is expected to make a program that will be connected to a central point. This will enable him to scrutinize the activities that the hospital staff is entering in the computer system. Thirdly, the centralized system office should only accommodate hospital based software thus restricting further use of computers by staff to execute personal functions (Hubner, Costas &Pernul, 2007). This will isolate the use of the computer equipment to hospital functions thus promoting efficiency in the hospital operations. This hospital programs should be comprehensive in recording of patient data. Fourth, the top management of the hospital should conduct unprecedented surveys of the computer system to oversee if the abuse of the hospital computers has been mitigated. This will reassure the hospital of its efforts to mitigate the improper engagement of the hospitals facilities and enhance confidence in the centralized system capabilities. The fifth entails employment of employees who will discreetly monitor their colleague’s use of this computer system will surely improve responsible computing (Hubner, Costas &Pernul, 2007). These doctors will be lieutenants of the top management which will take the prohibitive actions on the perpetrator. Lastly, the application of firewalls and passwords to limit the people accessing information of the patient is crucial. This will diminish the dissemination of information to unscrupulous persons who can have malicious motives towards the patient. Hospital professionals who are considered to be culprits should be addressed appropriately of the on the consequence of their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Privacy Assesment and Training Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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