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The role of Innovation in Strategy: Google vs. Apple - Essay Example

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The role of Innovation in Strategy: Google vs. Apple Abstract Innovation is an essential business strategy necessary for the modern organizations to stay in the current heavily globalized and competitive market. Science and technology is developing rapidly and based on that living standards are also developing rapidly…
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The role of Innovation in Strategy: Google vs. Apple
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Extract of sample "The role of Innovation in Strategy: Google vs. Apple"

Download file to see previous pages Google is a prominent player in the computer application software business industry whereas Apple is the leader and most valuable organization in the consumer electronics industry. This paper analyses the role of innovation in strategy, taking Google and Apple Inc. as examples, based on McKinsey 7S Model and Mintzberg’s model.   The role of Innovation in Strategy: Google vs. Apple Google is the company which succeeded in unveiling the potentials of search engine business to world. Even though many other companies such as Yahoo, Bingo, Amazon etc are engaged in search engine business, none of them tasted success as tasted by Google. The ability to think differently helped Google to make the organization one of the largest in the word at present. It should be noted that Google entered the computer business world just as a search engine provider. However, they diversified their activities to different areas such as online book business, social networking, operating systems etc. Google books is currently causing big problems to Amazon whereas Google plus is causing problems to Facebook. Android is the operating system developed by Google mainly for mobile phones which is challenging Apple’s operating system; iOS at present. On the other hand, Apple is also not far behind to Google as far as innovation is concerned. In fact they did succeed in bringing huge revolutions in the technology world. The introduction of it’s “I’ series products such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTune, iMac etc brought huge success in the market. In fact the tablet era has started with the introduction of Apple’s iPad. They are currently the most valuable technology company in the world and second biggest company in the world in market capitalization. McKinsey 7S Model Mintzberg’s model: Google vs. Apple McKinsey’s 7 S model says that skills, staff, style, strategy, systems, structure and shared values are the seven parameters which can determine the ways in which an organization normally operates. The figure given below illustrates McKinsey 7 S model with respect to the functioning of an organization. (McKinsey 7 S model, 2011) It should be noted that Google introduced Google books, Google plus, android etc like new products in order to gain upper share in the computer related industries. Amazon was the number online book seller before Google establishes its world’s largest online book store a couple of years before. Same way facebook was the leader in social networking and Google’s Google plus is currently causing trouble to facebook. Nokia was the market leader in mobile phone industry until the entry of Apple with its revolutionary product; iPhone. iPhone has mesmerized the technology world at the beginning of 2000, with its unique facilities such as touchscreen, multimedia facilities etc. iOS was the operating system used in iPhone which caused too much worries to the competitors like Samsung. In order to help Apple’s competitors in mobile phone market, Google developed its prestigious android operating system which is currently causing major problems to Apple and iPhone. Samsung’s galaxy S2 which is working on android platform is causing too many worries to Apple and iPhone at present. Henry Mintzberg suggests that the traditional way of thinking about strategy implementation focuses only on deliberate strategies. Minztberg claims that some organizations begin implementing strategies before ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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