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Reasons for Choosing to Become a WGU Student - Essay Example

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4 February 2012. Why I chose WGU I was not satisfied with my low wage and extremely laborious job. Getting a job of my want required me to be more educated than I was. So I decided to take my studies to the next level in order to be eligible for a more paying job…
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Reasons for Choosing to Become a WGU Student
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Download file to see previous pages Not only I worked intensely, but I also had to pay the bills and take all kinds of loads an independent man does. I conducted a thorough research and found that no college’s classes matched my schedule. I had to leave the work in order to pursue further education, which was clearly not a practicable option for me. Therefore, I started searching for courses in online education. Distance education was increasingly being adopted as a way to advance the academic career. I also thought about doing the same, though I had mixed feelings about it. I knew it would allow me to acquire a bachelors degree as I felt convenient, but doubted whether such a degree would be valued by the employers. Besides, choosing the best online university from among a myriad of options was another challenge confronting me. I started browsing ads online and checking people’s opinions and suggestions both online and otherwise. My research led me to the conclusion that most of the online universities lacked regional accreditation, were quite expensive for the students and their graduates were still not liked at large. Finally, a friend of mine suggested me to search about the Western Governors University (WGU), saying that WGU was not only accredited regionally, but was also quite affordable and suitable for me considering the situation I was in. Initially I took it as a regular advice and didn’t expect much. But as I conducted a little research, I happened to find that the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities had accredited WGU, which was itself accredited by CHEA. A number of other schools were accredited by the same organization. Such schools included but were not limited to Brigham Young, Lewis & Clark, and the University of Oregon. While reviewing the bachelor’s degree in IT at WGU, I found that WGU offered nine certifications many of which were more than sufficient for an individual to acquire a high-paying job of a technician in my area. As my friend had said, WGU was really affordable. All I had to pay was $5780 a year in two installations, each of which was for six months. Therefore, WGU not only provided me with a way to attend the school as per my convenience, but also have more time for leisure activities as it saved me a lot of money that would otherwise have been consumed in paying the fee of another school. The most fascinating characteristic feature of WGU was that it offered classes at 3am, unlike any brick and mortar school I knew. Message for my friend Just like one very sincere friend of mine solved this issue for me, I would like to introduce WGU to you so that the positive message is spread and more and more people can benefit from the tremendous opportunities WGU has to offer. If you are looking for a reputable degree from a regionally accredited school, and also want to continue your full time job with it without having to bear too large a cost in the name of fee, WGU is one school that can provide you with all of these. By recommending you WGU, I am saving you all the headache and waste of time that I had incurred while searching for a good school. I assure you that you will not regret to choose to study in WGU. You may look for the kind of certificates WGU issues in the discipline of your interest and see if they suffice the requirements for job eligibility in your area, which they most probably would! It is a complete package for the ones looking for a practicable option to advance their career ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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