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Reasons behind Nursing as Career Choice - Term Paper Example

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The "Reasons behind Nursing as a Career Choice" paper aims to identify the ways in which expectations expressed at the point of nursing application relate to the outcomes of the degree program. It is important that student nurses are both successful and satisfied with their career choice…
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Reasons behind Nursing as Career Choice
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Extract of sample "Reasons behind Nursing as Career Choice"

Download file to see previous pages About 25% of the NHS’s annual budget for employment is normally allotted for nurses who represent 50% of health service workers. Furthermore, over a hundred thousand UK nurses, either qualified or unqualified, are involved in diverse and varied work patterns (Newman, Maylor, and Chansarkar 2002). Unfortunately, a shortage of nurses has been evident in the UK and in other parts of the world, thus increasing efforts for education and training opportunities as a response to this worsening situation (Davey, Murrells and Robinson 2005). Specifically, there is an insufficient number of applicants who have taken up nursing courses and meet the required standards (Kober-Smith and Ferroni 2008).
This occurrence has consequently brought about challenges among education providers and has left these institutions with limited options such as recruiting only the most competent candidates or reducing their standards (Buchan 2002). It may also lead to expensive outcomes for such groups with regard to increasing the rate of student failure. There is thus a great need for the development of another route through which students can enter the nursing profession as suggested by Kirpal (2004). 

Owing to the worldwide shortage of nurses, the need to identify the factors and issues that can influence the choices of individuals to take up nursing careers has become increasingly important (McPhail 2002). Schools of nursing must recruit and retain qualified applicants in order to confront the current challenge to nursing resources. Perceptions of nursing have been linked to students' decisions to enter nursing programs as well as to complete them (Grainger and Bolan 2006). Attracting and retaining health professionals, particularly nurses, has become challenging for many health institutions as people have different motivating factors that drive them to pursue a nursing career. This study may be of great importance to researchers and health professionals alike as it may contribute information about the choice of nursing as a career and the issues that they may possibly encounter. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Reasons Behind Nursing As Career Choice Term Paper - 2.
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Reasons behind Nursing as Career Choice

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Reasons behind Nursing as Career Choice

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