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Proposal on Steve Jobs and the foundation of Apple Computers - Research Paper Example

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Research Proposal Introduction Steve Jobs was the founder of Apple Computers. Recently deceased, Jobs is today recognized as one of the foremost innovators of his generation. After starting Apple Computers Jobs would ultimately be fired by the very organization he founded (Lashinksy)…
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Research Proposal on Steve Jobs and the foundation of Apple Computers
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Extract of sample "Proposal on Steve Jobs and the foundation of Apple Computers"

Download file to see previous pages These products would contribute to annually increasing revenue and profit margins, today making Apple, Inc. the world’s most successful technology company (Lashinksy). The organization’s tremendous success has brought Job’s leadership style to the forefront of consideration and analysis. Indeed, the subject is highly important as it relates to the very nature of business and leadership success. Job’s was recognized for a unique and demanding leadership approach. Many individuals even went as far as to claim Job’s was rude and arrogant. Undoubtedly it appears that Job’s was a perfectionist. The research functions to examine Steve Job’s personality in the context of his success as a the chief executive officer (CEO) of Apple, Inc. as well as his undeniable success as a leader. The underlining hypothesis is that through his persuasion, slight arrogance and perfectionism, Steve Jobs was able to create success for Apple, Inc. and attain his reputation of a strong leader. The research is significant both for advancing knowledge of successful leadership styles, as well as for further understanding the means an individual can mold and have a profound impact on a multinational organization. Ultimately, it is believed that this research will contribute to a furthered understanding of the very nature of success. ...
is biography explores Job’s arrogance in terms of the ravage it wreaked on his personal life, but also how it was indicative of an approach to life that defined and shaped its own reality (Isaacson). Other researchers note that such arrogance may have contributed to Job’s ability to inspire others by getting them to view Apple as not just a company, but also a personal mission (Lundquist). Similarly, Jobs is considered a visionary. In an interview with Charlie Rose before returning to Apple, Jobs is said to have turned to the host and say that he knew how to save the organization, but they weren’t listening to him yet (Lasseter). In addition to being understood as a visionary, other researchers have focused on how Job’s leadership style as a perfectionist contributed to his specific organizational skills. One perspective examined Job’s nature as a taskmaster (Stengel). For instance, it’s noted that people who worked with Jobs said that he would attempt to instruct his employees about every aspect of their job (Stengel). Other researchers have examined Job’s leadership approach against that of Microsoft founder Bill Gates. While Gates has been described as methodical and lawyer like, Job’s was recognized as “the quick, live-for-the-moment hare” (Wilson & Skovgard, p. 51). Even as Steve Jobs is recognized as a prominent motivator and visionary, other researchers have considered that Job’s arrogance and perfectionism also contributed to Apple’s success through his negotiation with outside vendors. For instance, during the late design period of the iPhone, Jobs was recognized for his clever and ruthless negotiations with telecommunications carriers ("The legacy of Steve Jobs," p. 3). Another research perspective considered Steve Job’s personality ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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