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On Enhancing Employability - Essay Example

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There are a number of small business opportunities in almost all industrial sectors that have not been fully exploited. The reason being most fresh graduates, after college, prefer getting employed in leading international organization at the expense of setting up their own business activities. …
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Essay on Enhancing Employability
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"On Enhancing Employability"

Download file to see previous pages Unlike other industrial sectors that require immense capital to invest in, this sector of business comprises of small businesses, which require less amount of minimum capital in order to invest in. This means that even college student after getting through with their course work are capable of acquiring capital and investing in small businesses. Throughout my entire life, I have always wished to invest in self-employment, since it will allow me to work under my own conditions and rules. I have also wished to create a less formal working condition for fresh graduates. Additionally, I want to invest in a business sector that provides more than better services to the community. In this paper will, therefore, detail my qualifications, analyze my job skills/opportunities verses my skills, and justify my career choice. Methodology In the Business and Administration class students are always divided into small groups comprising of seven students each. Apart from discussions and assignment works, the groups are also charged with the task of coming up with available business opportunities they are interested in, at the end of the course. From the discussion groups, students are expected to list all the available business opportunities that are available in the current local and global markets, and discuss the requirements required for each job opportunity. From here, each student is also expected to select one of the business opportunities they have described in their group, and justify why he or she is interested in that area of business opportunity. From the business opportunities described in my group, I decided to choose on the self-employment opportunities available in the small business management and administration. In order to understand the requirements needed...
There are a number of small business opportunities in almost all industrial sectors that have not been fully exploited. The reason being most fresh graduates, after college, prefer getting employed in leading international organization at the expense of setting up their own business activities. In every industrial sector, there are several untapped small business opportunities, which require less capital to venture in, and the skills required are not too complicated to stop fresh graduates from running them. It is necessary to not that there are a number on untapped business opportunities almost in every industry all over the world. Fresh graduates and employment seekers are, therefore, advised to dig deeper so as to establish the type of business opportunities they can invest, or get employed in. Selecting a career of interest is an immensely challenging task that requires thorough research and consultation with professionals. Fresh graduates after university prefer getting employed in fully established firms at the expense of setting up their own business activities. There are several small and medium business opportunities that are available in almost all industrial sectors. Small business management and administration involves organizing, planning, directing, and analyzing business functions that are required for efficient and productive business operation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Essay on Enhancing Employability Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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