How Can to Become an Authentic Leader and Be Successful - Literature review Example

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The focus of this paper "How Can to Become an Authentic Leader and Be Successful" is on authentic leadership that focuses on whether leadership is genuine; indeed, “from an intrapersonal perspective, authentic leadership incorporates the leader’s self-knowledge, self-regulation, and self-concept"…
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How Can to Become an Authentic Leader and Be Successful
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Download file to see previous pages Authentic leaders lead from conviction, as they base their actions on their values; they are also original and do not imitate other individuals, and their leadership is genuine as well. Northouse (2009, p.207) adds that, from a developmental approach, authentic leaders can be viewed as nurtured, whereby, authenticity develops in the form of a behavior pattern in an individual over a lifetime. In addition, there are five dimensions involved in authentic leadership: values, purpose, self-discipline, and heart, inclusive of several characteristics - behavior, compassion, consistency, passion, and connectedness. Authentic leaders have a sense of purpose, such that, they are aware of where they are going since they are inspired by their goals (Northouse, 2009, p.212). They are also passionate about their job and have self-discipline, which assists them in achieving their goals, as it acts as a source of determination and accountability. Such leaders are compassionate, and are sensitive towards other’s feelings, having a will to assist them. According to George (2003, p.5), the modern society needs new leaders with a sense of purpose, and who can abide by their core values; in addition, they should have courage as a characteristic that will aid towards leading their organizations towards success. According to Avolio et al (2005, p.802), due to the many crises facing modern organizations, unique leaders are required in order to restore hope, optimism, resiliency, and confidence. Authentic leaders are capable of enhancing motivation, commitment, and satisfaction in their organizations. Building enduring organizations is not an easy task. Therefore, authentic leaders assist in building sustainable organizations, and they are capable of motivating their employees and maintaining long-term value for the shareholders. Another benefit of authentic leaders is that they walk their talk; such leaders say what they mean, and therefore, they are ethically sound in their organizations. Due to their compassionate natures, they develop a special relationship with their followers based on mutual respect, trust, and support. These leaders are able to attain the best from their followers since the subordinates are influenced by such leaders. In challenging times, they continue operating with humility, which inspires their juniors (The Cognitive Fitness Consultancy, 2009, p.4). Needless to say, the chances of continuous growth as an authentic leader are high, as individuals are capable of adjusting to the changing conditions. Authentic leadership fosters honesty and trust within the organization, and such leaders appreciate differences in opinions, leading to innovation enhancement. Bryman (2011, p.355) adds that authentic leadership mainly benefits the followers, who are said to increase their efforts in organizational activities, leading to better work performance. The followers also improve on their attitudes and mindset, such that, there is an increased level of trust because of change in leadership. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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