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The Exchange Relationship - Term Paper Example

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The Exchange Relationship (Name) (University) (Course) (Tutor) (Date) In any market situation there exists buyers and sellers of goods and services. Each section of the market, that is, as a seller there are certain conditions that must be satisfied to effectively market and sell the products in question…
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The Exchange Relationship
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Download file to see previous pages Several issues arise in the marketing of the product since every movement is directed by the expectations of the customers. This makes the company have little power to themselves but only hope that through promotion the customers will accept and buy their goods and services. The company therefore carefully plans the stages it has to pass through and gets the right expertise to handle the stages (Berthon, et al., 2003). Companies before launching the products into the market, comprehensive research must be conducted to ascertain how the product can be well marketed at the current demand of the buyers. Therefore the company considers a number of issues notably if the product is not an easy sell of itself into the market sector. Assessment of the strength, weakness and water tight opportunities of selling the product should be greatly considered. Through knowing the set standards of the market by other competitors then it is possible to deliver within certain expectation and this necessitates the making of the prices for the product without exploiting the clients and also making loss in operation (Berthon, et al., 2003). ...
is important to consider the methods of product promotion to convince the clients that what the company is offering meets there demand (Weitz & Sandy, 1995). Within the period or marketing the product, the company has to educate the clients and to a far extent allow them to debate on the merits of the product in collaboration of their experience and interaction with the situation that demands the use of the product. This gives as the concept of experiential exchange where customer’s choice being necessitated by previous encounters of such a need (Berthon, et al., 2003). In the case of offering funeral services, consideration of the way the client in question views the matter is important. People of different status expect different treatment in provision of services. A time, it becomes difficult to sell the services efficiently when you are not very flexible (Berthon, et al., 2003). In most circumstances rich people have a notion of showing off and in need of expensive and ceremonious occasions which will be recalled at all moments. Therefore preceding services provided by the company becomes of great support in making the business to sell with much ease (Weitz & Sandy, 1995). In comparing with those living a moderate life in the community, the cost of the service should be at a state which can be accessed. Offering or rather catering for those services expensively may automatically make marketing difficult (Weitz & Sandy, 1995). How companies effectively approach this relation Companies get judged by what and how they offer their products. The relation between the company and the customer can effectively be approach through various ways. It is important in any business to make promises that one can fulfill them. Making a promise to deliver certain expectations or ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Exchange Relationship Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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