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Business plan- Sport center Business Plan-Sports Center Introduction The idea here is to open a sport center that offers various courses. It will have training facilities for skating, football, various dances, gym, self defense, yoga, and swimming…
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Business Plan- Sports Center
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Download file to see previous pages SWOT Analysis of the business Strengths The first advantage of the center is its ability to cater the health needs of all people under one roof. Firstly, it offers a large number of health and recreation activities that suit all age groups. For example, it has arrangements to offer swimming classes for various age groups. In addition, it has the capability to cater for all the health needs of all people. For example, a person who comes to gym can also go to the diet center and talk to the expert regarding food habits. It can also act as a place for healthy eating. As the entire program is set up in a single building with adequate parking space, it will be the only sport center in the city where one can have some recreation, food and shopping that attracts the entire family. The second major advantage over other sport centers in the area will be presence of experienced and qualified trainers and health and food specialists. The management has decided to have only experienced and well qualified trainers and volunteers. The next strength is the strong financial base the business has got. Also, the initiative has secured strong support from local politicians and other local service organizations. The last point is its connection with various voluntary organizations and governmental agencies who will conduct regular programs which are health oriented. This will improve the image of the center among the public and it will help the center gain public trust. Weaknesses The first weakness of the project is the absence of a strong market research committee that is required to identify the changes and trends in the market from time to time. The second weakness is the inability of the center to immediately introduce newer recreational activities if necessary. As different floors are designed for various sport activities, they cannot be altered for other sport activities. In addition is the huge expenditure involved in making any changes if required. The last weakness is the limited space availability that makes it impossible to admit more people if necessary. For example, it will only be able to admit a limited number of people into the swimming pool at a time, and this may make many potential customers go to other centers. Opportunities The first opportunity in front of the center is the increasing number of health-conscious people. As there is an increasing consciousness among people regarding diet and health, there is a likely increase in the number of people who visit health centers on a regular basis. The second opportunity for the center is the new governmental legislations and initiatives that encourage people to live healthy. Another point of opportunity is seen in the interest shown by various governmental and private agencies to sponsor health activities. Lastly, there is the continuing seasonal interest in various sports like football and swimming. Threats The first threat is the coming up of competitors with better facilities. Admittedly, there is the possibility of other centers adding better facilities, thus taking away a considerable proportion of customers. The second threat is people losing interest in the recreation activities and looking for other interest areas. The third major threat is the possibility of various organizations and governmental agencies giving up the sports and concentrating other forms of health and recreation. The last threat is people’s lack of time to visit the center due to work and study. Niche ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Business Plan- Sports Center Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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