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Management Practices - Essay Example

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Systems and Operations Management practices at the Achiffa Organization Author Anglia Ruskin University 30th November 2011 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Achiffa organization is a company that manufactures potato based frozen food products.It was started by Gary Achiffa Sr…
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Management Practices
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Download file to see previous pages The general manager’s position was left under Gary’s son, Gary Jr. Currently; the management of the company is under four directors in charge of Operation Management, Sales and Marketing, IT and Procurement, and Human Resource Management. Although the personnel are qualified, there are a number of problems in their respective departments that needs to be addressed. Handling the customers have become quit a problem because some of them demand more services than can be offered e.g. Quick & Tasty Food Chain. This has made the company to use logistic companies to carry out distribution of the products. A logistic company by the name of FeshDist has become very problematic because it is not consistent in the collection of products. This leads to accumulation of product in the warehouse (Thomas, 2007). Tom has been away for quite some time due to sickness and, this has resulted to failure in his department. The staffs are conflicting over small issues with excuses of Tom’s absences. They have led to complains in the warehouse where Bryan notices that different products are made in one shift. There is also a problem when a new brand is launched. It leads to confusions and complexity in the production schedules because the general manager gives it the first priority. This has led to narrowing of profit margins causing a great risk to the future of the company as noticed by the marketing director. The technology and the IT in the company are not modern and, these have resulted to wastage of electricity and also slow operations of the production process. Ivan in charge of the technology complains that the ovens are left on leading to wastage of energy. He also complains that, if the ovens are put off, they take a lot of time to heat again. Many of the departments in the company use manual methods of maintaining records and information. Bryan uses spreadsheet to record stocks while the sales and marketing department has to prepare records and then take them to other offices instead of using the modern information technology. INTRODUCTION Achiffa Organization is a company that manufactures potato based frozen food products. It was started by a man by the name Gary Achiffa Sr. who was growing potatoes in Idahi Falls. He later stopped growing potatoes after sensing the growth of fast food sector in US and stated processing the potatoes into French fries. Today, the company has grown and, it produces a variety of potato products which are then distributed in many cities. Although there is a significant growth in the organization, there are a number of things in terms of technology and operation management that needs to be changed in order to realize tremendous growth. The major products manufactured by the company are hash browns, wedges, waffles and French fries. If the company adapts the new technology, it will be in a position to make other products e.g. potato flakes, potato granules, potato powder among many more potato products (Moffatt and Hanley, 2001). The founder of the company stopped farming immediately he realized that the sale of the products could do well. When Gary opened the company, he decided to delegate the management duties to his friend’s son, Tom Granham. The founder of the company retired in the late 1990s leaving the management to his descendants. The company is still under the management of his children. Gary Jr. who is the current managing director ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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