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ROWE Program at Best Buy - Term Paper Example

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The concept of Result-Only Work Environment (ROWE) in Best Buy Corporation was pioneered by Jody Thompson. The culture at Best buy was driven by long work hours which forced the employees to give up leisure time so as to complete work assignments…
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ROWE Program at Best Buy
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Download file to see previous pages Hellreigh and Slocum (2011) stated ‘ROWE is all about results.   No results, no job’ (p. 553). ROWE program displays a culture of more personal life friendly atmosphere. It was implemented and demonstrated at the Best Buy headquarters in Minneapolis. In the year 2009, Best Buy replicated this program to its retail stores. The ROWE program is aimed at building employees’ competencies so that they become better managers of their work and time. The program gave the employees a sense of power over their work and provided a paradigm shift from how work is completely to only the work results. The change made the employees more flexible in terms of work-life balance, which boosted employee morale. Managers now have a sense of accountability regarding the part they have played to create stress free environment for their employees. Discuss the resistance, both organization and individual, which the ROWE program had to overcome. Immediately after the ROWE program was launched, there was resistance from the employees in the program implementation. The management thought that too much flexibility was being given to the employees and they could not handle it. There was an issue of whether the program was fair to the employees regardless of the department they worked in. For the individuals, they were simply moving from known to unknown and they were not sure of what lay ahead. They felt that their way of work was being interfered with and they had to figure out another way to get ahead. Organizations in Best Buy had to change they was of production. The managers could no longer set up work without proper and adequate planning. They had to devise ways of assigning employees work. Then get the job done without having the workers working longer hours than was necessary....
ROWE Program at Best Buy

The organizational development approach of Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE) was adopted by Best Buy in 2003. A good organizational culture is a result of sharing core values among employees of an organization. Prior to ROWE program, there was minimum sharing of values among the Best Buy employees. The negative working environment prevalent in the organization hindered the work bond among employees. There was not much time available for employees to interact since each was busy trying to beat deadlines and working overtime. A survey conducted to verify the attitude of ROWE participants found out that the participants’ feeling of pressure and a sense of working hard had killed the creative ability to initiate and develop a participative culture. Stunted growth and insecurity had been created by the lack of interaction, brought about by lack of time and too much fixation with the individual work. It goes without saying that no organization can effectively achieve its mission and objective if the organizational culture is improperly balance.

A source of stress that is evident in this case is the work-life balance by the employees of Best Buy. Initially, they were not able to balance work and their personal life. Thus, both of them were negatively affected, to the point that results produced were not optimal. The pressure of having to spend long hours working to get ahead created work stress which some employees could not cope with. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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ROWE Program at Best Buy Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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