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The Differences in Performance Between Various Companies - Research Paper Example

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This paper will discuss the different work environments in the leading companies according to the current results of Fortune Magazine thus ascertaining the reason behind their success. The leading company on the list is SAS, which has been on the top 100 list for 14 years…
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The Differences in Performance Between Various Companies
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Download file to see previous pages There are a number of Work/Life events where employees at SAS get guidance on other matters that may affect their productivity at the workplace. During these events, all the employees interact and share the problems as a collective unit. All these activities give the employees motivation to work hard as well as creating a cohesive group. According to Thibaut and Kelley’s classic (1959) interdependence theory, alternatives give rise to options. As such, if the costs are more than the rewards, they are likely to leave the group, but if the rewards are more than the costs, they are likely to stay on and work hard to ensure that there is a success in the group (Attractions). The work environment at the SAS Company is unique making the employees motivated from the rewards within the group. This makes them stay in the company and work hard towards its success. Another successful company that deals in computer software are Cisco. The company provides high salaries to its employees in comparison to other companies. Cisco communicates the long-term strategy indicating that the work, which employees do, is more than just a job (CNN, 2011). They, therefore, strive to change the way employees work and live by giving them a comfortable pay. This gives the employees motivation since they work hard hence the success of the company. Further insight into Thibaut and Kelley interdependence theory highlights the issue of rewards and costs comes in place (Attractions). The salary, which the employees at Cisco Company receive, is high thus their allegiance to the company. The Company trains its employees on the culture to embrace. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Best Workplace Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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