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Tell us about an experience in which you left your comfort zone. How did this experience change you? I am the last born child in a family of five. I have a brother and a sister. Both of my parents are doctors. My dad is a neurosurgeon at King Georges Hospital while my mother is an anesthetist at the Valley hospital…
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Experience in which You Left Comfort Zone
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Download file to see previous pages No one really seemed to connect with each other like families should do. As the last born I was left home alone as my brother and sister attended universities overseas. To compensate for the time they don’t spend with me, my parents bought me anything I needed. These include lots of toys, play stations and movies. They also gave me money whenever I asked for it. I guess it’s because they could not really give me the attention I needed that they bought me all these things. My brother and sister were rarely at home and when they were we rarely hanged out because they were way older than me. I become a spoilt kid who always had to have his way in everything he did. When I began attending school, I used to be so selfish with my things and I used to try and have my way in everything. I worked so hard in school so that no one could beat me in class. This was because I wanted to be the best and gain favors from my teachers. It reached a point where I didn’t really attend school to learn something but to just compete for grade and be on top of the class. My parents thought this was a very good thing. My dad once remarked, “Son, it seems you have my genes in you. I used to be on top of my class all the time. Keep up son!” I didn’t know how this was affecting my young life until one day when I came to class early in the morning. Just as usual I went and sat down at my desk. I never used to talk or play with my classmates. I usually thought of myself as the best and the others could not match me. As the teacher started to teach, I realized I had forgotten my stationary at home. I forgot to pack my pen, pencil and rubber in the morning. I decided to borrow my desk mate, a girl I had never said hello to since we joined school. She refused to give me. I borrowed all the kids around me and they all frowned and ignored me. It was then that I realized I had to get out of my comfort zone and change for the best. Moving out of this comfort zone was not easy. It required not only guts and commitment, but also at least some self-confidence. I read a few books on how to socialize and I remember seeing this Albert Einstein quote, ‘The definition of insanity is to continue to do the same things in the hope that those things will miraculously achieve a different result.” In other words it meant “Keep doing what you are doing and you will keep getting what you have been getting.” I had to do something here. My plan was to start treating everyone with the respect they needed and being mindful of others. I would greet my classmates whenever we meet in the eatery or along the pavements. At first most were shocked and thought I was planning something sinister but I explained myself. Soon I began making friends. Life seemed so good. At last, I had gotten out of my comfort zone and I was enjoying it! My parents are still busy but I have friends whom I can talk to and feel good whenever I am disoriented. It is very tempting to remain in our comfort zones. We all desire comfort. It’s human nature. However, too much comfort does not serve us well. An inability to step out of our comfort zone will profoundly limit our performance. Flexibility is vital and becoming more so. Change is everywhere. Yes, change can be frightening. Change confronts us with one of the most frightening of situations: the unknown. Although it is perfectly normal to be fearful of change, such a fear response can immobilize us. What are the unique qualities of Emory ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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