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Creating an online quoting / ordering system - Essay Example

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CREATING AN ONLINE QUOTING / ORDERING SYSTEM: E-BUSINESS CONCEPTS Name: - Professor: - Institution: - Course: - Date: - On one hand, each business has its own out of the ordinary set of marketing challenges and opportunities…
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Creating an online quoting / ordering system
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Download file to see previous pages Giving the clients more than they expect is the beginning down the success road and they do the marketing to others (Cockrum 2011). In this day, marketing takes an important role in many facets of a business’ life and process. It can be defined as a management process where goods and services are provided well to reach customer needs and satisfaction. It is a way of attracting people’s attention, arousing their interests, motivating and activating their desire to take action. One strategy that can be very useful to satisfy customer needs more easily and lead a company towards success is a set of effective marketing tools. There are many tools of marketing; marketing communication and marketing strategies, provided by means of advertising, social networking, printed materials, event marketing , branding, press release, and so on (Cone 2011). Additionally, there are many advantages of using marketing tools such as maintaining the customer’s satisfaction, promoting the new product of the company and keeping customers’ brand loyalty of customer as long as possible. It is not only useful in the business part but it is also useful for the education part as well especially for promoting higher education institutes. As a result of using marketing tools to promote institution of higher education, it can bring a good image, make more number of students’ admission and also improve the education system of any schools, colleges or universities. The marketing strategies that can be seen to be useful for promoting an IT company providing systems integration and procurement services are internet marketing, press releases and social networking. Then, the public relation such as blogging and promotion is the part of event marketing that can be very helpful to promote to online shoppers. Social networking that uses technology as a tool like internet to make the world smaller such as Google Plus, Facebook, Blogs and websites. The company provides systems integration and procurement services. I will suggest a business model that operates on the internet predominantly, E-business. E-business is doing business either over the internet or through dedicated proprietary networks and e-commerce is a part of e-business which is mostly buying and selling activity. The process of establishing an e-business is risky and involving. It also requires many changes in the existing business process and strategy to be successful. The intent of an e-business generating income, strengthening service and limiting prices by expanding using the internet as a platform. The prospects of online trading have substantial revenue and its realized when the services perform for the business. Despite the over praised successes of this new-age business concept that has recently become the goal of many commercial corporate bodies and organizations, not much has developed in the traditional way of handling the many business processes. It maintains the same principles and management requirements of business operation as traditional commerce, that people, both sellers and buyers come together to exchange commodities and services over a network of computers. Ordering, buying, bidding, selling, customer services, enquiries and virtually all the business processes still uphold the underlying principles of commerce. E-commerce is a subset of the larger e-business strategy. It chiefly improves the buy-sell transaction activities in a business entity; as a result it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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