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Article 1 Data privacy Vijayan, Jaikumar. “CIA Monitors Up to 5 Million Tweets Daily, Report Says.” 2011. Web. 10 November 2011 . This article talks about how the CIA monitors peoples activities on social media sites twitter and face book…
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Download file to see previous pages The CIA initiated the process of collecting information anonymously following advice by the 9/11 commission. The data privacy issues in this article are that the CIA collects information without the consent of twitter and face book accounts holders hence infringe on their privacies. Burnham, Kristin. “Online Privacy: How to Block Google Ads and Adjust Your Settings.” 2011. Web. 10 November 2011 . This article highlights how Google an online service provider, collects information from its services users to optimize online searches. For instance, the article highlights that most of the advertisements Google shows are linked to the subject of the email exchange or thread. In view of this, if a Gmail account holder receives several emails centered on the theme of photography, Google collects this information and optimizes it for advertisements related to photography. Google claims to protect its online user’s privacy by not offering the users information that individually identifies them to the third parties such as marketers. The relevance of the article to data privacy is that, it offers tips on how to adjust Google setting to safeguard ones privacy. The Privacy Projects. “National Cyber Security Alliance to Coordinate Data Privacy Day.” 2009. Web. 10 November 2011 . In this article the National Cyber Security Alliance, highlights some of the measures it has put in place, to create awareness on data privacy and protection in the online platform. National Cyber Security Alliance highlights some of the achievements, which have been realized in data safety through collaborative efforts. The relevance of this article to data privacy is that organizations have realized data privacy is an issue in the online platform hence the need to safeguard it. Data protection Day 2010 - Think Privacy - new videos. 2009. This video centers on the needs to safeguard information shared. Those who do not safeguard their information do not enjoy peace, while those who do safeguard their information enjoy privacy. Thus, information shared with the public can be used against the owner resulting into bad consequences. Data protection lesson. 2009. This video focuses on educating young people on the importance of data privacy, how data is collected and misused. Furthermore, the teachers in this video teaches her students on various methods through which data is obtained and how it is used to benefit everyone such as through a census. The significance in this to data privacy is that individuals need to be careful with who they share their information with Data Privacy and Social Networking Dir. ontargetweb. 2010. This video focusses on how information shared on the online platform can turn out to be disadvantageous to the owner. Furthermore, the video highlights measures people can put in place to safeguard data privacy such as maintaining anonymity in the online social setting. Poor data privacy can lead to loss of jobs, loss of finances and loss of identity in an event the information shared is accessed by unauthorized individuals. Article 2 Intellectual property rights Understanding Intellectual ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Digital Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words - 1.
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