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Strategic Business Leadership in Wendicon Technologies Limited - Essay Example

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This research presents strategic business leadership in Wendicon Technologies Limited, based in the United States helps in serving a large number of consumers through the professional expertise of its engineers…
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Strategic Business Leadership in Wendicon Technologies Limited
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"Strategic Business Leadership in Wendicon Technologies Limited"

Download file to see previous pages It is evidently clear from the discussion that the engineers often complain of getting delayed in their operational pursuits for needing to fill up manual timesheets from the different consumers to which they render services. Owing to the need for filling in manual timesheets the engineers often get delayed in being able to serve other consumers in the region. Thus, they steadily arise the need for innovating the current manual process to make it electronic. This would help in enhancing the customer servicing activity of the company and in motivating the internal people to work in an innovated atmosphere. The management team of the company continually worked to render innovation in the existing operational process of management of manual timesheets. To render innovation in the business process the team worked to align the capability of the staff along with the available resources to help build innovative systems. The management team has focused on aligning the professional capability of the technical base of the organization to help construct an electronic commerce application which would reach a larger consumer base via the iPads. However to counter the process of innovation in a successful manner the company management has helped aside a large pool of funds to help in the enhancement of the infrastructural base. The innovation team of the concern would help in the construction of an electronic data sheet which would be transmitted to the consumer through the help of iPads. This innovation rendered to the process would help the consumers get timely notifications of the work performed by the engineers following which invoices would be dispatched to them. In the process of rendering the process innovation, the company is required to estimate the turnover of the same in terms of the investment rendered. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Strategic Business Leadership in Wendicon Technologies Limited Essay - 1.
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