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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: University: What is non-verbal Communication? Non-verbal communication, according to website, is the form of communication that involves non-verbal stimuli and which are generated both from the speaker (source) and the listener (receiver)…
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Non Verbal Communication
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"Non Verbal Communication"

Download file to see previous pages Examples of non-verbal communication are with the inclusion of eye contact, vocal nuance, gestures, intonation, facial expressions, proximity, glance, smell, posture, and sounds among others. From a broader perspective non-verbal language is divided into two kinds. These are; those non-verbal messages that are generated from the body and the non-verbal messages that emanate from the broad setting like space, time and silence. This communication form is a major factor of the vital factors of communication and it is highly essential in high-context cultures. (, 2011) Merits of Non-verbal Communication Applications of this communication kind are numerous and several are mentioned in this aforementioned website. These include the use of non-verbal communication to accent verbal messages, repeat verbal messages, regulate interactions, substitute verbal messages, and complement verbal messages. Accenting may refer to the utilisation of non-verbal communication like verbal tones. One can repeat verbal messages in a non-verbal way like frowning to show disgust. Regulation of interactions may refer to the scenario where non-verbal cues may be used to indicate to a person when they should speak or stop speaking. Substituting of verbal communication may applicable in situations like a noisy environment that blocks verbal communication resulting to usage of gestures to pass on messages. Lastly, complementing may be a situation like the usage of hand gestures to stress points that have been communicated verbally. (, 2011) Non-verbal communication is very vital. In actual sense it came into use before verbal communication. It is actually referred to as silent type of language which is normally not formally taught and which came into existence way before the invention of language. It is a universal kind of communication, though it may differ with certain cultures, apart from the persons that are autistic. According to Calero, in his book, non-verbal communication was in use way before the invention of formal spoken languages. In fact he puts it as thousands of years. Despite the fact that this form of communication has not had a lot of researchers interest, it has been in use by many populations across the globe as way of communicating attitudes, thoughts, notions and emotions. Despite its having been a major form of communication in the world for a long time, people have not taken time to research on the meanings portrayed by this form of communication as Calero puts it in his book. (Calero, 2005 pp1, 2) Non-verbal communication is very important in every day’s communication. Most people consider it as a form of distinct speech and that it is basically applied in the passing of the message of interpersonal relationships and emotion. Thus, it can be said to speak louder than words. However, it is very essential to note the fact that non-verbal communication has to go in tandem with speech or verbal forms of communication. They cannot generally be separated, but artificially it is a possibility. By artificially, it means that use of non-verbal communication like gestures (such as hand gestures) may also be viewed as the usage of words as audible ways of sending messages. Non-verbal communication is, therefore, seen as a very integral part of the normal natural language that humans use. (, 2011) Negativities of Using Non-verbal Communication Various forms of non-verbal com ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Non Verbal Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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Non-Verbal Communication
...studying nonverbal communication when they felt this was a significant medium of finding out the truth from the people who were making use of such gestures, actions and behaviors in their normal, day to day routines. It is a fact that the nonverbal communication presents the truth in entirety and nothing else. Nonverbal communication is pertinent since it is now being studied by people more than the verbal form of communication and it has more meaning and implication than the latter. Thus it is a wholly different field altogether and one that requires strict attention, more so by the speakers and those personalities who have a definitive say within the...
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Non verbal communication
...? Importance of Non-verbal Communication Non-verbal communication refers to the art of sending messages to individuals without speaking. Receiving messages through non-verbal signals does not necessarily mean that the sender intended to send signals. This is because; non-verbal communication encompasses a variety of signals ranging from eye contact, body movements, facial expressions, the dressing code, and touch. All these will communicate a different set of information depending on how they are translated (Mehrabian, 2007, 3)....
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...? 30 November The topic The feature on which I have focused my efforts in this paperis “impact of appearance on non-verbal communication in a multicultural setting”. Communication in a multicultural setting is complicated because of lack of people’s knowledge of and proficiency in foreign languages. Therefore, to convey their meaning effectively, people frequently make use of such non-verbal tools of communication as pictures, facial expressions, body language, and gestures. During this research, I have tried one technique of non-verbal communication in different...
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...?Case study Non-verbal communication is an essential element of communication and indicates a communicator’s primary objectives. The type ofcommunication therefore affirms a verbally communicated message or may identify insincerity in verbal communication. In this paper, I review a case study from non-verbal communication’s perspective. Review of the case The case, ‘What in going on here,’ identifies Art Margulis, a long-term employee of a firm, who has been promoted to be the organization’s director. He has been working in the firm for...
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...Non Verbal Communication When people use spoken languages to communicate, they do not just listen to what is said in order to understand the message. They also look at the person who is speaking to see what their body is doing, and listen to the way they are saying the words to understand their full message. Studies have been done that showed the percentage of understanding that is gained from the spoken word. It is considerably less than the meaning that people gain from listening to a person's tone of voice and looking at their non-verbal communication: 7% Spoken words, 38% Tone of voice, and 55% Non...
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...NON VERBAL COMMUNICATION How we communicate defines so much of who and what we are as human beings. A whole sociological and scientific discipline has grown up around language, called linguistics. But what often falls by the wayside in contemporary research is non-verbal communication. As many theorists have written: there is the text and then there is the subtext. Non-verbal communication is a rich and overlooked field. In this project I will canvas some of the most prominent theories relating to non-verbal communication...
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...Communication by people happens in different forms and it can be verbal or use of signs whereby body parts are used to convey a message. Gestures arethus developed when one uses their limbs or other body parts in order to give some information and to help the speech process or to give it some emphasis. Gestures are quite useful and they are also common in day to day conversation despite them being non-verbal in nature (Yule, 2010). However, their use needs to be well within acceptable means as some gestures may trigger miscommunication while some may be taken to be offensive meaning that the situation of their usage is of paramount importance. This paper shall aim at...
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...Non-verbal Communication Introduction  Non-verbal communication can be said, to be that behavior of a person that is communicated to another person and influences that persons’ behavior. The non-verbal communication shows the behavior of one and normally shows the balance with linguistics. The facial expressions’, bodily gestures and the tone of the voice one makes while talking can help to convey a message. These examples of non-verbal communication make a large chunk of our daily interpersonal...
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...Non Verbal Communication The manner in which something is expressed is likely to carry more weight than when it is said in words themselves. Those sending nonverbal messages may understand them better and learn to put more consciousness regarding their manner of speech. Those receiving then nonverbal message may learn to understand better own intuitive responses and sometimes might be opposite to the reasonable thought. Nonverbal Behaviors that I am Most Sensitive to Personal touch refers to the level with which people feel at ease with when approaching others or when they are being approached. People from certain countries feel comfortable when standing closer to each others, for...
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As I walk towards the school entrance while thinking about my quizzes, report, and schools fees, I saw a random blond haired, blue eyed guy in his gray Gap sweatshirt waiting for people at the front door of my school. I look at my back and there are a bunch of people hurrying towards their own classrooms. They are probably his friends. As I take my time walking, I noticed the people at my back are not his friends. He is merely holding the door for everyone that passes by. I noticed some people smile back at him, other nods while others do not pay any attention. They are probably in a hurry. I thought of turning around and find another entrance because I think is plainly awkward. But then, I changed my mind and realized not to make...
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