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What is Successful Marketing Apple's Marketing Principles/Strategies - Essay Example

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In assessing an effective marketing model, the researcher has chosen a business enterprise, which is Apple. Apple has been able to dominate its market in terms of production and development of hardware and software…
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What is Successful Marketing Apples Marketing Principles/Strategies
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"What is Successful Marketing Apple's Marketing Principles/Strategies"

Download file to see previous pages Apple has been able to dominate its market in terms of production and development of hardware and software, which is substantially supported by its effective marketing strategies. Few of Apple's famous products are the MacBook Air, the iPad and the iPhone. If one would take a closer look, these products are just a laptop, a tablet and a smart phone- which is widely produced by other companies at a cheaper rate and possibly better features (Boddie, 2005). Apple produces and sells the same products that are in the industry, which is why the key to their success is not the products they offer, but how they present and offer these items to their consumer base. Apple employs a marketing tactic that relies on hype build up as pegged by sneak previews, impeccable release timing, and most importantly, a well prepared presentation during its launch (HBS, 2005).Apple's marketing direction involves its personnel in terms of implementing internal modifications in regards to procedures and policies that can be associated to market performance in which the business' consumers would appreciate.. This process entails beyond the contemporary marketing strategies. The transition to market orientation and consumers implies that the current organizational comprehension has been streamlined based on a distinctive perspective. A company's strategic principles are considered as the foundation for the feasibility of a business and connect the company to its macroenvironment factors (Gholap, 2011).Such principles are manifested by the predominant culture within the company. Basically, Apple's market is focused on professionals and students who require digital technology. This specific market necessitates devices to attend to work or school activities and entertainment purposes. Apple's approach in marketing direction is towards a profound consumer focus. Such orientation helps the firm to achieve its corporate objective, while provisioning exceptional service as opposed to competing firms (HBS, 2005). Apple's Marketing Principles Apple follows a set of principles in its marketing campaigns, which they employ in all the business' products throughout the company's history. Regardless of the new products they develop, Apple holds true to the principles they have adapted. Regis McKeena is one of Apple's pioneer marketing officers, and she had introduced several core marketing values that are being applied up to this day. One of which is that the marketing process of high-technology products needs to be inclusive. In that regard, it must be all encompassing. With this statement, one can derive that high technology products cannot be easily easily presented to the business' consumers through various media channels, or a specific segment of consumers (Gholap, 2011). In that light, the company ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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