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Digital - Essay Example

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Article 1: Trust In Cyberspace Lim, Larry. "Build Trust And Watch Your Online Sales Soar!" 2011. 27 October 2011 . This article talks of the ways in which business people can institute reliability and build trust in customers while conducting online business…
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Article Trust In Cyberspace Lim, Larry. "Build Trust And Watch Your Online Sales Soar!" 27 October . This article talks of the ways in which business people can institute reliability and build trust in customers while conducting online business. First, is by having a strong and distinctive brand name. This can be realized by having a well established branding policy to act as a firm’s competitive advantage. Secondly, advanced customer service. Customers can either make or destroy a business and thus in contacting any online transactions, all activities should be geared towards satisfying the desires of the customer. Lastly, website design; web routing manners are normally quickly interractive and customers usually spend very little time on each website and thus it is the duty of the firm to give quality information along with a website that has a professional appearance. Zigu. "Building Trust in Online Environment ." 13 October 2011. 27 October 2011 . This artilce highlights the factors that influence online trust and suggestions for growing countries. The factors include, high-quality online experience; if a client experiences difficulties in navigating the site it is hard for him or her to trust a business firm. Failure to have an orderly footer design that comprises of all significant links will lessen a firm’s reputation and confidence with customers. Also, the presence of privacy statements demonstrates assurance of website providers to value customer’s privacy. Superior privacy guidelines highly augment online trust. At country level, online trust can be ensured through imposing existing customer protection regulations and practices, and by amendment of existing regulations and practices as needed to contain the distinctive aspects of the online market. Gunter, Donna. "Strategies to Build Trust in Your Online Service Business." 27 October 2011. 27 October 2011 . The Internet enables business owners to enlarge their businesses to additional prospective clients than ever before. In order for one to establish his or her online business replica, a number of practices are inevitable. The first one is making contact easy. One should openly include his or her contact, a name and the location of the business on the business website. Additionally, one should be responsive. This can be done by replying to all emails and answering phone calls in an appropriate manner.  One can also set up a live chat component on his or her site. Moreover, reality can be enhanced by utilizing video as well as audio on the website. Adding a photo is also very crucial. All these help in creating a visual picture in the mind of the customers. Zorrinhe. "Trust is the Secret to Online Business Success." 1 December 2010. . When it comes to online business, the most frequently asked questions are about trust in relation to a business firm and its entire team, the program, product or service. Business people have to trust the people they work with, what they do and to make sure that they have the capacity to provide them with the tools that can make them successful. Online business is difficult because, a person does not get the chance to have physical contact with those whom he or she works with. OEVideos1. "Online Business: Who Can You Trust in the Virtual World?" 16 September 2009. 27 October 2011 . This video talks about picking and reading online education. It uses two examples of apples whereby one of them is good and the other is rotten. The problem is how to tell which is which. Likewise, online businesses are just like apples some are bad and others are worth trying. The best way for a customer to judge a good company is through visiting the websites provided. If the websites provide more and good products than those advertised then that is a good business. Althunibat1. "Online Trust (Web Trust), 2011 online business and online marketing ." 31 May 2011. 27 October 2011 . One of the most effectual ideas of boosting an online business is the trust concerning one’s business, undertaking or business deals. The best way to enhance trust is through having honest deals with customers in relation to what a business is selling, shunning any illegal undertakings relating to ignorance or related defects, generosity and clear definition of business objectives. Article 2: Security Plamondon, Scott. 2011. 27 October 2011 . This article addresses information security with regard to employees since they form the biggest vulnerability to a business relative to the computers. Each day, workers make obvious errors like placing their passwords in business sites where other unauthorized employees can view them, downloading and viewing e-mails that have viruses, and not shutting down their machines when they leave their workplaces. Human mistake, not system faults, is the principal basis of severe security infringements. Since human actions significantly impinge on computer security, a business person ought to teach his or her workforce, IT staff, and executives to make security a main concern and build up good security practices. If one is not self-assured in conveying such information to his staff, then he should employ outside consultant. FederalTradeCommission. "Is your company keeping information secure?" 2011. 27 October 2011 . The protection of sensitive business information both in files as well as computers is merely good business. In any case, if the information is accessed by the wrong people it can result in to scam or identity theft. A reasonable data security strategy should be founded on five vital principles. First is stock taking. A business person should be aware of the personal information that is contained in the files as well as in the computers. The second one is scaling down. One should keep only the necessary information. The third one is “Lock it” meaning one should safeguard the information. “Pitch it” is the fourth one and it means that one should carefully dispose the information that is no longer required. Lastly, one should set up a plan to react to security issues. Ghavalas, Byrne. "E-business: Security Threat Management." 2011. 27 October 2011 . The introduction of the Internet and contiguous technology has exposed several openings for businesses that are ready to take risks and adopt the E-revolution. It has helped businesses cut down their cost of operations however; it has led to a handful of security issues especially when it comes to business as well as customer information. Numerous big businesses have devoted resources whose main task is to search the Internet for the newest threats concerning the business. These groups have to go through information given by renowned susceptibility alerting services like CERT, UNIRAS and SANS. BizDriveTV. "Privacy and Trust mean Security - Tip # 40 - Growing Small Business Online ." 23 September 2009. 27 October 2011 . This video suggests that business owners should ensure that they keep track of customer’s information in contacting their online transactions with them. The business owner has a duty of care in ensuring the reliability and security of client data is maintained in a safe manner. Usnistgov. "Information Technology Security For Small Business." 29 September 2009. 27 October 2011 Read More
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Digital Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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