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Personalized Medicine - Case Study Example

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Personalized Medicine Name Institution 1. Describe how typical the attitudes that Sheehy reports appear to be in work environments you have experienced. The attitudes that Sheehy reports are so real in work place nowadays. Many people have jobs which they do not like and so they do not take anything seriously when it comes to their work; the majority are there to make money…
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Personalized Medicine
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Download file to see previous pages They considered that work belongs to “dummies.” Their work ethic was to milk the restaurant till it went dry. They would steal money, avoid hard work and get rid of customers as soon as they got there. This new work ethic is outrageous; work ethic is based on hard-work and diligence, which is not the case in this Sheehy report. The new ethic at Sheehy’s work place was a type of “gamesmanship.” Employees cared about themselves and developed mysterious tactics of getting more money. I have experienced this kind of attitude in different work places. I once worked with employees who were dishonest and they would do anything to get that extra money. The company I worked for dealt with cosmetics and so our job was to sell and promote their products. Some attitudes that Sheehy has described may seem exaggerated but they are not very different from those I have experienced. My colleagues were a little discreet when carrying out their evil plans, unlike those in Sheehy’s report who purposely tried to provoke the management. My colleagues used to steal money cautiously because they did not want to lose their job. They called this “beating the system,” they complained of doing so much and getting minimal salaries. This meant getting what they wanted without following the company’s policies. ...
The future of American business is not bright, with this kind of work ethic. A business where employees steal does not develop as expected. A business where customers are treated horribly cannot grow either, customers make the largest percentage of a business and without them there is no business. The future of American business is doomed unless the management does something about it. Some managers employ unqualified staff who do not respect them or their businesses. For instance, Sheehy reports that the majority of people working in his work place were students who were only there to make money (Shaw, 2010). These students did not take their job seriously and so they shouldn’t have been employed. They were doing harm to the business than good. They stole money and drove customers away and they did this without even hiding it from the management; they did not mind provoking their manager. With this kind of work ethic, there can never be a great future for American business. Any business should be taken seriously and to run a good business, both the employees and the employer must have same goals and objectives. Goals that create a profitable business; where employees understand the policies of the business, and where the employer meets the needs of the employees satisfactorily; this will lessen these kinds of encounters. 3. Explain whether it is more reasonable to expect workers, especially in a capitalist society, to be more devoted to their jobs, more concerned with quality and customer service, than Sheehy’s coworkers were. In this capitalist society, it is reasonable to expect employees who are devoted to their work and more concerned with quality and customer service than Sheehy’s colleagues. Sheehy’s coworkers are not the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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