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Software Reconmmedation Report - Essay Example

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Introduction PPQ Company is famously known for efficient utilization of its resources and its responsiveness to customer demands. This has only been possible by effective integration of all units within the organization, enabling it to function as a single entity rather than as discrete units…
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Software Reconmmedation Report
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Extract of sample "Software Reconmmedation Report"

Introduction PPQ Company is famously known for efficient utilization of its resources and its responsiveness to demands. This has only been possible by effective integration of all units within the organization, enabling it to function as a single entity rather than as discrete units. The turn of the century has bought with it a large number of business solution softwares and various ERP systems making it even more difficult to find out the right fit for our organization. As part of the management team for PPQ Parts manufacturing company, I have analyzed six software packages in the following report in light of our firm’s materials requirements planning (MRP), capacity requirement planning (CRP), and enterprise resource planning (ERP) needs. ERP -SAP If we want the best of the best ERP we should go for the one offered by SAP. It has more than 95,000 customers in over 120 countries. SAP offers over 25 software solutions that cater to the needs of multinational giants allowing the diverse departments to work together more easily and efficiently. The software can be bought in any part of the world. SAP’s supply chain integration, business process automation and work flow is an example in itself. SAP enjoys independence from any one database vendor because the product offers a three tier distributed architecture. The brand is famous for its features and its functionality amongst its users. Along with quality come the associated costs. SAP software is very expensive to purchase and costly to implement. The continuous costs of up gradation and maintenance deter SMEs from using SAP ERP hence rendering it suitable only for large firms. People required to implement and use ERP have to be well trained because the software is complex and difficult to handle. It is also very time consuming. This makes it more prone to problems caused by user’s mishandling. INFOR10 ERP Another alternative for ERP software is Infor10 ERP Enterprise. Infor10 ERP is a product of Infor which is the third largest ERP provider in the world The software is especially designed for the manufacturing engineering based industries and has an experience of 25 years. Its users can connect with each other via Infor365 Community. It also provides manufacturing intelligence software, greater productivity and connectivity giving more control over every aspect of complex firms manufacturing supply chain. The ERP is vertically integrated complementing most organization’s structure. The feature of Dynamic Enterprise Modeling (DEM) allows the system to match the way business runs. Cloud computing is also provided. Provides flexible architecture for assembly line control and supports all manufacturing typologies. It also allows confident bidding by tracking past records and synchronizes project activities with production operations, global operations and strategic planning. It also incorporates Graphical product configuration and uses the latest radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. The disadvantages include the cost; though it is moderately priced it is still much higher compared to other ERPs in the market. The software is mostly designed for complex products. The users and implementers have to be constantly trained incurring extra costs. If this grooming is not done the software will not be used to its optimum potential. RAD Softwares (CRP and MRP) RAD softwares provide services for manufacturing and distribution companies. EFACS Enterprise includes RAD Software modules that provide industry suitable software solutions. Two of its softwares MRP and CRP are discussed here: Capacity Resource Planning module of RAD offers procedures like finite capacity planning which provides an efficient manufacturing plan. Infinite capacity planning is used to find out the bottlenecks whereas delivery date estimation helps determine dates for orders and processes underway. It operates on Oracle database or Microsoft SQL making it more reliable. It allows in depth customization also called Bespoke development for companies that require more tailored applications. CRP module also provides multi-lingual capabilities that include support for Unicode languages example Chinese and Japanese. Material Requirements Planning module of RAD provides benefits similar to its CRP module since RAD’s approach has ISO9001:2000 accreditation and all consultants operate under PRINCE2® project management methodology. MRP uses the regenerative technology to do an in depth analyses of the optimum requirement of components and materials for the manufacturing plan. Automatic placement routines and purchase schedule systems are setup to assist work order placement and purchase orders. MRP’s input is provided by the Master Production Schedule thereby shielding MRP from small fluctuations in actual sales orders. Each department is served with discrete operational control making it more user friendly. This MRP is more suitable for companies handling many sub assemblies, raw materials and finished products. It was introduced in 1997 hence relatively new compared to others. It is also moderately priced and does not offer all the benefits given by more expensive softwares. MIE softwares (CRP and MRP) MIE has been in business for the past 55 years. MIE offers softwares that are easy to install and implement. They are mostly designed keeping in mind the manufacturing sector and its requirements. MIE Trak referral program gives incentives to companies if they refer the software to others. Free trial versions are made available and the process of up gradation is quick and timely. Amongst the softwares offered by MIE are: MIE Trak CRP (Capacity Requirements Planning) Software .This softwares is a great asset in identifying conditions of over and under capacity hence reducing any future problems of scheduling and changes. The software is easy to use and implement providing greater functionality. Its major features include CRP Reporting, Work Center Loads and Bottlenecks, Infinite and Finite Scheduling, Shop Calendars, Operation Schedules, Capacity Requirement Loading and Planning, Backward and Forward Scheduling, Capacity Planning Simulation. This allows comparison of panned, released and firm orders with production capacity. MIE Trak MRP (Material Requirements Planning) software helps decrease the gap between demand and supply. It allows greater functionality and ease of use by planning schedules and making available the demand/supply information. MIE Trak is quite user friendly and intuitive. Its major features are MRP Reporting, MRP Pegging, Replenishment Inventory Management, Replenishment Planning and Scheduling, MRP Analysis, Supplier Planning, Project Planning and MRP Parameter and Policies. If the subassembly is used instead of product attachment there are disadvantages like the same part no. cannot be used in multiple assemblies or in the same assembly tree. MIE Trak can only be run on Windows 2000 or higher operating systems of Intel/AMD. Protection block has to be installed on the USB port or else the software wouldn’t run. Mosaic M21 Mosaic M21 module does not provide separate MRP and CRP but instead economizes it for small and medium enterprises by integrating Material Requirements Planning and Capacity Requirements Planning along with CRM, MPS, inventory control and other requirements of business. It is known for its user friendly functionality as well as safety, security and integrity of data. Mosaic Implementation Methodology (MIM) makes sure the implementation is successful and according to plan and usually takes 90 days on average. IBM iSeries and AS/400 Advanced Midrange Computers is used to run Mosaic 21 applications ensuring that they are IBM Server proven and hence provide greater flexibility and security. The total cost of IBM iSeries and AS/400 is quite less compared to Unix and SIAS. The cost of Mosaic 21 is also below that of the average in industry. Mosaic21 Applications are installed on "per processor" basis allowing greater number of concurrent users to access the system. The training for software is done “just in time”. The software will not be very suitable for complex industries or MNCs. This will hence mostly be used by SMEs and not larger corporations as it is less complex and hence less developed. The price is lower because it isn’t as effective as SAP or ORACLE. Recommendation Amongst the above software analysis I conclude that Mosaic 21 is the best software for our PPQ manufacturing company. This is because its cost is moderate and it will provide a customized solution for integrating our firm’s processes. It can be implemented within three months and the extra costs of continuous training of users will be less since it isn’t very complex hence more user friendly. MIM will ensure that the implementation is successful and reflects the firm’s vision of its ERP. CRP and MRP is integrated in it along with other business requirements and the company is famous for its software implementation in the manufacturing sector like ours. Its usage of IBM series makes the system more reliable and flexible. Therefore in my opinion Mosaic21 should be purchased. References, (n.d). SAP ERP software review. Retrieved October 23, 2011, from ERPsoftware360, (n.d). Retrieved October 23, 2011, from Infor, (n.d). Infor10 ERP Enterprise (LN). Retrieved October 22, 2011, from erp/ln/ MIE Solutions, (n.d).Retrieved October 22, 2011, from Mosaic Data Solutions, Inc., (n.d). Mosaic M21 manufacturing software. Retrieved October 22, 2011, from RAD strategic solutions, (n.d). RAD Solutions: MRP/ CRP/ MPS / RCCP. Retrieved October 23, 2011, from Read More
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Software Reconmmedation Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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