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Co-production:partnering with your customers - Essay Example

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The article emphasizes on the importance of voice of the customers in the design of products and services by an organization. Understanding the customer’s needs and managing the organizational operations to fulfill those needs have been considered essential for a long time…
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Co-production:partnering with your customers
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"Co-production:partnering with your customers"

Download file to see previous pages There are some obvious benefits of co-production. The labor costs in companies are saved. The customers get customized products according to their needs. The liability of errors in service is passed on to the customer. Having discussed the advantages the ill-effects of co-production can’t be ignored. Many customers may not be ready to spend effort in product or service design. They would rather prefer a high service quality from the producer. Also many times the customers are unaware of the product or service and are unable to co-produce. Asking customers to co-produce in such situations may actually lead to deterioration of quality. There is also a view that technology is always ahead of customer demand. Hence, the customers will coproduce products only in a way they desire. However, it may be possible to design better products with available technology but the customers are simply not aware of the realm of possibilities. Coproduction in such cases is actually a hindrance in the path of progress. With the use of co-production, the organizations have tried to remove their own inefficiencies in addressing customer needs. However, it has led to significant cost and time savings for them. In spite of this, co-production cannot be considered as a sure shot method of success. There are very successful and innovative companies such as Apple, who do not even believe in market research, forget about co-production. Apple believes that the company needs to give consumers a product which they would never imagine on their own. The article says that the customers should be given a choice between conventional methods and co-production methods such as in banks and ATMs. The article also divides the customers into five types on the basis of their willingness to do the tasks themselves. However, there may be a large number of customers, especially rural and illiterate customers who may be uncomfortable with technology involved in co-production. The article also discusses methods to enable coproduction. The best method is to create expert customers by educating them. One of the key bottlenecks in the success of co-production is lack of consumer awareness. Consumers need to be educated through campaigns, advertisements, seminars, booklets and user manuals about the product uses and the way the customers can participate in product enhancement. In the recent years, many companies have actually realized the advantages of co-production in their operations. While they may have defined it by different names, the underlying concept has essentially been that of co-production. Hewlett Packard’s Colarado Telecomm Division (CTD) faced a lot of problems in the early nineties. The strength of CTD’s Protocol analyzers was in producing a very large amount of network data for analysis as compared to competitors. However, the competitors eroded its market share by attacking niches and customizing their products to specific customer applications and needs. In order to improve this situation, Hp tried to realign their Research & Development goals with customer driven feedback. However, this worsened the situation. CTD then took a new approach to this challenge called as Delivering Profitable Value (DPV) which is nothing but a form of co-production. According to this approach, it is not sufficient to know what the customers wanted. What was really needed was to know the working patterns of the customers and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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