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Problem Solution and Management Plan - Essay Example

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Running head: PROBLEM SOLUTION AND MANAGEMENT PLAN Problem solution and management plan Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert October 10, 2011 Problem solution and management plan 1. Introduction An effective management of a given problem requires first that there be an established mechanism for identifying the problem…
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Problem Solution and Management Plan
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"Problem Solution and Management Plan"

Download file to see previous pages It requires an excellent management and leadership skills in the managers concerned with the given project. The manager needs to have persistence, optimism, listening skills, and the ability to wok collaboratively towards the objectives (Queensland Government, 2007). After the identification of the problem, it is necessary to consider the possible solutions to the problem. All the solutions are examined and the probable consequences evaluated against the objectives of the organization carrying out the project. It is also appropriate to consider the ease with which a particular solution can be implemented. A course of action that is easy to implement and has the maximum likely positive consequences suffices to provide a solution to the problem. 2. The solution to the problem Developing a solution to the stated problem requires effective managerial and decision-making skills through a scientific method (Creative Problem Solving, 2011, para.2). Three solutions were identified to address the issue that arose in carrying out the reservoir construction project. Developing an appropriate solution consists in evaluating the possible results of each of the solution if adopted. It is appropriate to consider the financial impacts of each of the solution, the legal obligations, as well as how the solution relates to the organizational values, policies, and objectives. The manager has to understand the ‘environment in which the solution and to work and the organizational constraints imposed upon it’ (Vandenbosch, 2003, p.7). One identified option was to hire an engineering firm that would deal with the breakdown of the granite rock that would impede the construction of the reservoir. The contractor did not consider this part of the contract, as it would call for additional expenses in terms of labor and time. Now, subcontracting a separate engineering firm would be appropriate since such firms have demonstrated capacity and competence to perform such tasks. However, this option would call for a relatively higher additional cost. Besides, there will be a need to advertise for the subcontract and recruit the best firm. The other option was to do away with this contractor, cancel, and re-advertise the contract. This is equally expensive. The whole cost that has been incurred in the advertisement and in the selection of this contractor will be lost since the process has to be repeated. It would also show lack of ethical consideration that is contrary to the organizational values and culture that the needs of different stakeholders need to be considered in designing the operational plans. Besides, it has also been observed that this contractor is among the best that had applied for the job. Losing the contractor would compromise the project to the disadvantage of the beneficiaries. Moreover, it is also likely that the next contractor will raise the same issue and the problem will continue in a cycle. The other contractors might also doubt the credibility of the management of this organization giving the management a negative image. This would have negative impacts on contracting for future projects. The other option was to amend the contract to include basting of the granite rocks, in the event that the contractor is capable of performing the task. The contractor has indicated that he has the capacity to perform the task. This option would be cost-effective as compared to the first option of hiring an engineering fir ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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