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Best Training Learning Institution Introduction The best training is acquired when the trainer incorporates the formal and informal learning techniques. In fact, a perfect learning environment gives room for practical sessions in the process of training, in an interactive way for all the participants…
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Best training
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Download file to see previous pages Reason for Ranking PNC and BB&T Banks top in Training Indeed, the reason explaining the high-ranking of the PNC and BB&T banks was their ability to embrace technology in training. Precisely, when the PNC bank automated the loan process and adopted the electronic system, they started the program that facilitated online learning (Guerrie, 2008). As a result, the users had to adjust to the new technology through virtual learning. Basically, the system increased the number of trainees, thereby, making the bank an intensive financial training institution. Due to the complex learning, the bank incorporated the experts in formulating the training design (Guerrie, 2008). In reality, the completed training design was in time, very effective and highly successful. In BB&T bank, their intention of developing the transferable and applicable learning technology made them a reputable training institution. In fact, the system was an innovative way of ensuring that the employees achieved excellence through learning. In addition, the technological training would help in integrating the vision, values and the business strategies (Guerrie, 2008). The approach was very creative and intended to make the company outstanding. Apparently, the creative and technological approach to the process of training, made the PNC and BB&T banks meet the highest ratings. ...
As well, the training improved the workers performance, in terms of efficiency and effectiveness in the production process (Guerrie, 2008). The electronic system that the two corporations embraced replaced the manual operations, making the service delivery faster and right. In addition, the technology leveraged most of the tools used in the corporations and enhanced the relations among the employees, the customers and the stakeholders working with the corporations. In those aspects, the two corporations tied their training and development, specifically, to their strategic goals, corporate goals and the competitive edge to their competitors in the market. Ways where the Companies Represent the Best Practice Organizations for Learning and Development Notable, the paper has outlined that learning and development are complementary, meaning that one exist to complement the other. For example, training facilitates the development of a corporation. In this context, the PNC and BB&T Banks represent the best practice organizations for training and development, specifically in relation through adopting the practice of technological training. Indeed, the technological approach to training the workers is a modern practice that enhances efficiency and effectiveness of the work (Guerrie, 2008). Through the use of technology, the corporations meet accuracy and prompt execution of duties. Often, the application that aims at achieving the organizational goals is the best practice that it should embrace (Guerrie, 2008). For example, the training that the workers received shaped their performance culture to match the current organizational needs. Moreover, the training enabled the management to center on the transformation ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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