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Case Analysis Publix - Essay Example

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Case Analysis Publix (Name) (University) (Course) (Tutor) (Date) MACRO-ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS Macro-environment describes all the forces and agencies considered to be external to the firm in this case, Publix. These forces and agencies are sometimes too close to the operations of a Publix and thus affect it more directly than would have been thought of (Kakazoukis, 2011)…
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Case Analysis Publix
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"Case Analysis Publix"

Download file to see previous pages Publix head office is based in Florida and is a grocery chain with huge numbers of employees, serves a large pool of customers and has its branches and operations spinning across different states in the USA. Society, Sub cultures This company looks at the society it operates in with pride, acceptance, and joy because it has lived by its philosophy of caring for the people as part of its corporate culture in that it helps the customers meet their needs and realize the extraordinary achievements in their lives. This has a major impact on the society since in a way it empowers the customers through various incentives and most importantly through offering customer focused services. This is why the associates of Publix have it clear in their minds whenever at work because they understand that they are not just running a grocery business but have the responsibility of doing the people business. And to that extend, taking care of the needs of associates, customers, its suppliers, and the community as a whole is very central to this supermarket chain (Publix Case, 2011). The other concept that Publix has addressed in its business operations is the dealing with different sub-cultures that are strewn all over the United States. Indeed the US has the most cosmopolitan community in the world. These people have different cultures that define their daily lives. It has been very necessary for Publix to deal effectively with cross-cultural differences within its workforce, the public and most critically its customers. To its employees, this supermarket chain appreciates their efforts and recognizes every individual and group as an important component of its continued growth and has this as part of its organizational culture. Thus to its employees, recognition and genuine appreciation of the contributions that these employees make is part and parcel of Publix and fosters the slogan of ‘where working is a pleasure’. The chain has an eye on its branches in different communities across the US. The customers have their own cultural beliefs in terms of shopping trends, likes and dislikes. To ensure that the supermarket is able to deal with the cross-cultural issues, the associates make contact with the customers and through the interaction; they get to know each other on a one on one basis. This has built a culture of appreciation and the firm is able to understand the different cultural needs of its customers. The customers have fallen in line with Publix’s slogan of ‘where shopping is a pleasure’ (Publix Case, 2011). Demographics/Socio-culture The operations of Publix are revolving around caring and meeting the needs of all its customers despite having different ages, social class, race, and origin. It is in this light that the customers, employees and the public hold the view that Publix has no socio-cultural barriers and neither does it discriminate against people based on their demographic differences. To this chain, the demographic and socio-cultural differences are just another added advantage for it to serve its customers fully without one part feeling left out! The effects of globalization, doing away with barriers to trade and economics, competition, advances in technology and the fact that people-centered services have become critical to success makes Publix the choice of many and these factors have seen the chain grow faster. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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