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Persue these sites for information that for information that is directed at three company stakeholders: employees, customers, an - Essay Example

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Square Enix versus Activision|Blizzard Introduction Located in California, Activision|Blizzard not only manufactures best-selling video games, but a publisher of worldwide online, PC, console, handheld and mobile games such as Call of Duty, Spider-Man, X-Men, James Bond, Transformers and franchises such as Spyro, Blizzard Entertainment, StarCraft, Diablo and Warcraft (Activision|Blizzard, 2011)…
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Persue these sites for information that for information that is directed at three company stakeholders: employees, customers, an
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Extract of sample "Persue these sites for information that for information that is directed at three company stakeholders: employees, customers, an"

Download file to see previous pages These two multinational companies directed information at its stakeholders: employees, customers, and community. This paper tries to discover this information in order to find out differences and similarities and to know further how they are attributable. Employees Square Enix adheres to professionalism, creativity and innovation, and harmony. These are the company’s three basic management guidelines that stand as the group and its members’ core values and principles (Square Enix Co., Ltd., 2011). With this in mind, it is implied that Square Enix expects from its employees to be creative and innovative, have the initiative, take pride in their work and function as a team even in the midst of diversity. In order to achieve this, the company has exactly given significant corporate inputs to its employees in order to achieve teamwork, innovation and professionalism. The result of this is quite evident on the company’s output such as producing highly recognized entertainment icons like Tomb Raider and Space Invader. Activision|Blizzard on the other hand placed too much emphasis on its corporate structure. This is evident on how it gives strong emphasis on its board of directors and their respective functions in the company (Activision|Blizzard, 2011). ...
Although they both sound promoting creativity and innovation, it seems those things are quite limited among its employees at Activision|Blizzard. Customers Happiness through unforgettable experiences is what Square Enix is trying to impart with its customers (Square Enix Co., Ltd., 2011). On the other hand, Activision|Blizzard is investing considerable amount of time in creating investor relations (Activision|Blizzard, 2011). What is common to these two companies is the thought that they want to increase the level of customer experience and satisfaction with them. They both want to ensure building relationship in the process of their interaction with their customers. For example, offering happiness is a way to offer satisfaction to customers at some point and this is the very goal of Square Enix. Activision|Blizzard on the other hand wants to ensure that their investors are getting their maximum satisfaction. They both all have a point in doing these moves. What only matters between these two is the thought of how they ensure their business with stability. Square Enix seems to be more focused on its end consumers while Activision|Blizzard really means strong business with potential investors. Community Shaping the world of entertainment is what these two companies are trying to ensure the community. In line with this, they both adhere to providing the community and its people the protection they deserve and other opportunities through privacy policy and its underlying statement, and corporate citizenship. Between these two companies, Activision|Blizzard is very clear about its corporate citizenship (Activision|Blizzard, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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