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The Plan for a Workplace Negotiation Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Question 1: 3 Question 2: 4 Question 3: 6 References 8 Question 1: Which are the most important issues to your group and why? That is: a) Which issues are you most keen to get agreement on?…
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The Plan for a Workplace Negotiation
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Download file to see previous pages The negotiation between the union and the company will help to understand the issues which can affect the employees and affect the workplace environment thus needed to be sorted by the agreement between the two. In the present scenario out of the several issues the most considerable one which need to be focused and get agreement on are- i. The productivity benefits which the company has set are needed to be negotiated by the union to increase the percentage share for the employees as they are responsible for the production process. ii. The work timing should be agreement of total work hour of the employees in the whole year as performance varies from time to time and between employees. Employees need flexible timing in their workplace to suit their work and requirement of job. iii. The employees should be given some time to settle down and understand the work to perform. Thus the agreement should be done for a long term of minimum 2 years. iv. Lastly the joint venture committee is required to negotiate and convey information to the management about the employees to help the management to understand employees’ viewpoint before taking any decision. ...
Question 2: Which overall strategy might you adopt? a) That is, a co-operative or a competitive strategy? Why? The strategy which should be implemented by the union is co-operative bargain strategy. In case of competitive bargaining process the negotiation between the parties lead to the utilization of power and tactics to reach their own goal (Beyond Intractability, 2010). There is a situation of win-lose in the outcome process. Management being in a strong position to implement strategies have better chances of winning in a competitive process. The union since have the plan of negotiation of the different issues will be more comfortable with the co-operative process in negotiation strategy. Co-operative process will help both the parties to seek a win-win position through mutual beneficial settlement on the issues. Interest based bargaining process through co-operation can lead to beneficial agreement and solve the problem which has arise in the organization as through co-operation the company will also be able to understand the cause of such conflict to cope in near future (Beyond Intractability-a, 2010). b) When will you use these strategies? That is, i) Which phases are likely to be used and why? and The phases of negotiation can be divided into broadly three stages which are needed to be followed by the union and the organization for a successful negotiation process. The phases can be referred as preparation, seeking agreement and finally the implementation of the outcome ideas and the negotiation (Humanitarian Negotiations with Armed Groups, 2006). Of the three phases ‘seeking agreement’ is the phase where the co-operative strategy is to be implemented by the workers’ union. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Plan for a Workplace Negotiation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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