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A Recruiting Manager for a New Organization Name of Author Author’s Affiliation Author Note Author note with more information about affiliation, research grants, conflict of interest and how to contact Abstract: Recruitment is a primary activity in all firms as human resource is the most important of all resources in organizations…
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A Recruiting Manager for a New Organization
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A Recruiting Manager for a New Organization Affiliation with more information about affiliation, research grants, conflict of interest and how to contact Abstract: Recruitment is a primary activity in all firms as human resource is the most important of all resources in organizations. Recruitment of human resource needs to be done timely and accurately in order to achieve success in achieving organizational goals. The recruitment, selection and settlement of employees in their jobs is a very significant task in a company because these activities need to be conducted on the basis of the organization’s requirements. The recruitment and selection procedure is a step by step task where each step is reliant on its earlier step and should be followed accurately. In this paper the two questions have been answered appropriately. Introduction: The selection of the right candidate is the most complicated task in an organization. It is important to recruit the right candidate at the right time and right place and for the right job in order to achieve organizational goals. Recruitment is, therefore, a very important activity in an organization and it should be done according to requirements of human resources in a company. 1. When I select a candidate on behalf of my company, I will consider the educational qualifications as well as the person’s experience and moral standards and assess whether he or she will be competent to handle the job. I also expect the candidate to possess the traits such as honesty and integrity, punctuality, positive attitude towards work, willingness to work under pressure, ability to cooperate with coworkers etc. For a manager’s post in Customer Care Department, I will demand an experience between 3 to 6 years. An experience of this length will facilitate the candidate necessary expertise in the field. Such a candidate will have a good idea about the particular department and can take timely decisions. He or she will be able to set targets to subordinates and can assist them in achieving targets. A person to be considered the position as a manager also needs to possess the abilities to plan, organize and execute various functions of the organization. He also needs to be able to work under pressure as and when desired. He should be a able to manage both men and materials and optimize their utility. The manager should coordinate all factors of production and organize the activities of employees to achieve the goals set for them. Staffing is another significant function that a manager has to perform. He also has to be a good coordinator and communicator within and outside the organization. He should be a team leader and take timely decisions regarding various activities in the organization. He also needs to act as the mediator between employees and top management. He should have the ability to motivate his subordinates achieve desired organizational goal. Thus, I will make sure that a candidate meets all the aforesaid criteria before recruiting because I know that “employee selection processes are critical to hiring a superior staff” (Employee Selection, 2011, para. 1). 2. The questions as listed below can be asked in interview to elicit relevant information from a candidate: Tell me about yourself This is a formal question and by asking this question I can get general information about the candidate, his experience, way of speaking etc. Thus, I can familiarize with the candidate. “What do you look for when you hire people?” (Interview Questions to Ask When Hiring a Manager, 2009). This question would help me to gain knowledge about his staffing strategies. Some recruiters prefer the experience of the candidate or communication skills etc. Therefore, this question will help me to get knowledge as to which aspects he accords priority. What you know about our company? By asking this question I can understand how much he is informed about my company and his ability in ascertaining information about the organization before applying for a job in that company. Tell about your management style? The answer to this question will give me a fair idea about his managerial skills and experience. It will also enable me to under how will he motivate the employees to achieve desired goals. His management style will further demonstrate his understanding of the job and his role. Why do you want to leave the current job? This question will give me a chance to know his expectation about the level of job satisfaction. It will also enable to me assess his reliability. How much salary do you expect? This question will help me to know his expectation about the salary and whether he is merely financially motivated or he prefers career growth as well. Why do you prefer this position? This kind of question will help me to know his interest in a particular job. I will also be able to assess his aptitude for the specific position. What is your commitment with us? This question will help me to know how far he is willing stay with my organization and whether will leave the job when he receives another opportunity. Conclusion: Recruitment and appropriate staffing is the most important and most difficult job in any organization. Therefore, recruitment processes must be conducted in an efficient manner, with appropriate interviews for selecting the right candidate and placing the right person at the right time at the right job position. Reference List Employee Selection, (2011). Retrieved Aug. 26, 2011, from Interview Questions to Ask When Hiring a Manager, (2009). Ask a Retrieved Aug. 26, 2011, from Read More
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