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What are some ways in which training has been influenced by technology? By HR technology? What are the benefits and risks as it relates to employee development?
Several organizations are…
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HR info system
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HR info system HR info system Many organizations are turning to technology to improve employee development programs. What are some ways in which training has been influenced by technology? By HR technology? What are the benefits and risks as it relates to employee development?
Several organizations are usually influenced by technology especially in the manner of conducting their business. It influences the Human Resources Department by making it function effectively. By using technology, the organization is in a position to improve their recruitment process, develop new ways of recording their business activities (Lee, 2008). Some of the benefits include improving management skills, whereby the Human Resource Manager can use technology to evaluate employee performance. Different people can easily get access to their work schedules using online services. However, technology can influence people negatively thus affecting their performance especially when there is poor communication (Lee, 2008).
2) This week, lets explore the web to learn more about employee development. Take a look at the follow two links, the first is an article about employment development and the second is an application specializing in employee development: Strengthen Your Business by Developing Your Employees
The Halogen Software is a talent based management system meant to improve worker performance within an organization (Halogen Software Inc., 2014). It mainly reinforces worker performance by providing an organization with talent developing schedules, comprising of hiring, execution management process, acquiring new skills and training, succession development or payment. The business’s inventions include appraisal that handle performance response and differentiation, assess abilities, create execution appraisals and progressive techniques, direct goals and intentions, and maintain staffs talent reports. The software has the e360 Multirater, which manages feedback of implementation, as well as performance of workers (Halogen Software Inc., 2014). Finally, the software entails online learning manager that incorporates training and performance within an organization.
3) What type of training and development process does your current or a former employer use to ensure continued improvement of employee skills? How are those programs tracked?
If your employer does not currently have a program in place, what recommendations would you make to create a technology-based employee training and development program?
There are two main types of training development process that employees use within their organization, which are in job training and out of job training (Lee, 2008). They are usually achieved by providing an environment that facilitates proper learning and training tracked by management software within an organization like the Halogen Software that has several components described above, and can be used to facilitate proper training within the organization (Halogen Software Inc., 2014).
4) HR has faced and continues to face an array of changes within the HR functions. As a result, this requires careful planning to institute changes that involve technology and automation. How might you put together a plan for an HR office that currently only has an employee database and no other automated HR functions? The HR director states that the business is simply too small (1,000 employees). Build your business case.
Planning a HR office with more than 1000 workers requires proper needs assessment, develop all workers job description for all departments, make use of the audit book to evaluate and assess the plan lists in all job descriptions (Lee, 2008). Managers should also meet other executives to assess the current performance, and develop a plan from the information gathered that can be used to manage the organization. Some of the solutions could be based on ways of improving the organization, others based on the changes to be made, and others based on training and development of workers (Lee, 2008).
5) As we discussed last week, automating recruiting and applicant tracking saves money through time savings and helps eliminate errors. Companies often use websites like Career Builder and to aid in tracking applicants versus actually buying specific HRIS software or services for this function. I have used both types (HRIS and external websites), and think both are advantageous.
There are so many recruiting websites on the Internet that it is sometimes hard to decide which one to use.
What are some of the things that you look for in a site that influences you to use that particular site?
An organization will look at various factors when selecting management websites. First, availability of information that is well managed and simple to use, the site should reach a wide range of social media groups to provide a wide interaction of people and should be one that can easily handle large information of different people. Lastly, it should allow organizations of all different sizes to update and computerize the responsibilities of human resources (Lee, 2008).
6) I really enjoy this weeks discussion question because it gives us a chance to explore opportunities for improving HR--essentially building the HR process from the ground up. Be creative in your ideas and think about cost, size, and function as you develop your ideas.
The process of improving the HR process includes ensuring enough allocation of resources to achieve the planned goals and prepared plans of the organization, which includes the right staff with the appropriate skills to work at a given time (Lee, 2008). It also entails social, financial, judicial, and industrial trends that influence the HR in given area within the organization. Finally, the process of improving the organization should remain flexible to manage change (Lee, 2008).
Halogen Software Inc. (2014). Helping you build a world-class workforce. Retrieved from:
Lee, A. (2008). Relationship Between the Use of Information Technology and Performances of Human Resource Management, PhD thesis, Alliant International University, San Diego: USA. Read More
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